Status or tags on opponents on battlefield for leaders/co-leaders and small bonus

Could you please make a few statuses(tags) on each opponent on the battlefield. It’ll make easier for leaders to chose strategies and control resources in alliance wars. And It’ll help members to understand strategy. For example, big red “X” on opponent means don’t attack, target means attack him, biceps mean that this player is strong and etc. And it will be great if leader could mark/unmark members for next war! It’ll make members more responsible. PS: same status you can make for titan(attack/don’t attack/titans uses special abilities like poison, burn and etc)

PPS: What about a hero which special ability will be the same as tornado(you already have got silence), or deffense hero which blocks for example one line(you can’t move elements on this line), or hero that throws 1-4 random elements to the opponent and changes it to his element… and btw maybe it’ll be interesting- alliance weekly raid- for example every member in alliance goes to quest menu and chooses 1 team, and when everyone picks a team the raid can be started- for example unstopped level where every team must go in course as far as they can, but just once. and makes some rating. it’ll make alliance events more co-op.