📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

Not really, best you can do is take screenshots on a PC & stitch them together as a picture for viewing on a phone.

Guvnor Could you clarify for me if heimdall and alfrike’s abilities are taken as status effects ??? Since one increases life and the other decreases life ??? Greetings and thanks

@Guvnor thanks a bunch!

No , they are not.
@Guvnor has clarified this in the other thread. :wink:


Another for confirmation: Aegir’s shared damage is not on the removed buff list - but ‘damage share’ is, so it appears that he will be affected by the effect. Is that true?

Updated with Glenda :slight_smile:

For an in-depth explanation of how Glenda’s SS increase works, please read this post:


Thanks for all the hard work. This guide is extremely handy.

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@DaveCozy, I think % of damage after caster’s death changed into points, from 100% into 83 points.

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@DaveCozy, one more thing :wink:
I think there is lack of Krampus effect:
The caster gets +44% defense and a further +10% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

and Reuben
All allies get -50% reduction to damage effects for 4 turns.

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Added both these now.

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