đź“‘ Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

Apologies @Petri, I had not intended to make any personal attacks.

My message was more aimed at questioning why this information was being discussed on multiple threads. Usually forum practice (historically at any rate) has been to split and merge topics to avoid having information and discussions spread across multiple locations.

Apologies to @Scarecrow specifically if you felt in any way personally attacked. Was just asking if there was a need for spreading information out :slight_smile:

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@DaveCozy I guess this thread should be updated with all family bonuses. It seems they are considered status effects since a ranger can bypass a defensive bonus of Atlantis family -> Lady Locke skill miss unpredictably


Are they tho? Cause they don’t count in the buff booster tournament do they? At least the Atlantis ones Didn’t…?

I can’t speak my thoughts on that bug report thread yet as I have to read it first. But family bonuses are certainly not status effects. They can’t be casted, dispelled nor removed (Aemonna Ghost still keeps the small Sakura family mana bonus for other heroes): they’re just there, and the multiplier in buff booster raid tournaments does not apply to the them.

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White Rabbit

I’ve added the White Rabbit’s status ailment :slight_smile:

Note that White Rabbit’s ailment is undispellable, meaning it can overwrite other defense buffs and ailments, such as the ones provided by Kiril, Grimm, or Athena. However, it can not be overwritten by any of those heroes.

Note on Reflect Buffs (Version 25 change)

Additionally, please note that, as of version 25, Mitsuko Reflect_Ice and Ursena’s Reflect_Holly reflect buffs can no longer be dispelled by heroes of that element (a dispel is included in the “negative effects” that are blocked)

The affected hereos: Sonya, Frida, Vivica (costumed)


I made a new topic as reference for what the heroes with native resistances are immune against:

I’ve included the table in the second post of this thread :slight_smile:


My guess would be status effects are effects that stay for a set amount of turns, so all of these in the OP that generates an icon. Everything else that is not damage is just considered an “effect”, instant effects like dispels, mana cut and so on. So now it appears to make sense and working correctly, Ursena/Mtsuko reflects status effects back and block the instant effects.
Ailment blocks are specifically labeled as ailments, so negative status effects. So Grazul is working correctly.
The thing with the rangers bypassing families look more like a bug though. I guess it simply is checking what is the defense before modifiers, rather than checking for defense buffs (which should be positive status effects) and then leave the family bonus untouched.

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Yeah that sounds about right to me. I don’t think that family bonuses should be able to get bypassed (or else… why aren’t troop buffs bypassed either?), I’ll comment in that thread though and let the staff know about it

Sorry if it’s already been covered, but there’s the new crit elemental link with Grimble out now.

Yes I’ll be adding it later today :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up!

Guide updated with new damage over turns ailment :slight_smile: Water damage!


Guide updated!

New Buff:

I also noted while doing the Challenge Event that Dance of Spirits can be pierced by Rangers :bow_and_arrow: See this screenshot below:

Also new ailment:

Regarding Ice, Fire and Nature elements:

If Chameleon uses his skill again while the ailment is active, he continues to change the element of his targets around the weakness wheel.

In other words, Ice enemies becomes Fire enemies the first time. If the ailment isn’t cleansed yet and the turn duration has not finished, using his skill again turns those Ice :arrow_right: Fire heroes into Nature heroes.

When the element is cleansed, heroes return to their original element, regardless of how many times Chameleon used his skill to swap elements.

click to see how Fire heroes go to Nature then Ice, and then return to Fire once duration ends

Holy and Dark enemies simply keep switching between Holy and Dark if Chameleon keeps using the skill before the turn count expires.


Guide updated! :slight_smile:

These are all the status ailments that the Defense protection guards against:
DefDown DefDown_continious DefDown_Dark DefDown_Fire DefDown_HealReset DefDown_Holy DefDown_Ice DefDown_Nature


Im sorry @DaveCozy, im new to rpg and this list is overwhelming. Its well done, dont get me wrong. And even though I’ve been playing for a yr and a half, i’ve just gotten the hang of phrases like def down and defense and offense.

What I can’t figure out is what overwrites what and what stacks. Can you direct me to a thread or info that delineates this? :thinking: Maybe written for the uneducated?

Thank you, amrath

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The table in the first post has a 4th column that shows what overwrites that buff or ailment. On your phone you have to scroll to the right to see it.

The game doesn’t tell us this, but basically there’s a rule that anything with a similar effect does not stack. The only exceptions to this rule are the Dice and Muscle buffs from Wu Kong / Ranvir and Tarlak / Miki respectively – those are allowed to stack with other attack buffs and ailments.

I also wrote a primer on overwriting here:

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Thank you so much! I see a lot of studying in my near future, lol.

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Guide updated with all new status effects that came with the release of Season III:

Notes on new status effects below:


Brynhild’s dispel protection only protects from having buffs dispelled – so Melendor and Sabina can’t get rid of her buffs on her or allies.

Removers such as Ameonna allies can still remove all buffs though – because a removal superseeds a dispel.

Also, it’s still possible to overwrite her buffs with their opposites. That means Little John can still use his skill and apply a mana delay ManaGenDown, which replaces Brynhild’s mana speed buff ManaGenUp. Mist can also do the same, as well as replace the Special Skill defense buff DefUp_Special with her Special Skill defense debuff DefDown_Special


Note that the ailment shield buff AilmentShield from a flank like Gato can block the boast Boast ailment, and also block the resulting undispellable ailments that follow after Boast’s turn count expires.


Existing minions stay with the owner of the ailment, but no more minions can be summoned until the effect is dispelled or the turn count runs out.


Note that a special skill defense buff can be overwritten by Mist’s special skill defense down debuff. The reverse is also true, so long as the target doesn’t have the buff block ailment (this can only happen when facing Monks – if the Monk withstands the buff block ailment but not the SS defense down)

Also note that the Buff Block status effect prevents buffs from overwriting negative ailments as well. For e.g. Sir Lancelot can’t overwrite the negative mana delay ManaGenDown with his mana speed buff ManaGenUp , since the buff block ailment prevents new buffs BuffShield. However, Rigard and other cleansers can still dispel it.


The damage reduction buff applies after counter-attack Riposte damage has been calculated.

Also note that Rangers can pierce through both the counter-attack buff and the damage reduction buffs :bow_and_arrow:


Unlike Ameonna, he can get hit by Holy enemies. Note that Holy skill effects still don’t work on him – e.g. you can hit him with Chao while in Ghost form, but you can’t decrease his mana.


Boril’s is a counter-attack not a Reflect like Ursana’s, therefore I wouldn’t expect them to overwrite each other’s buffs.


Guide updated with Norns Twist of Fate effect:

Note that this only applies against elemental damage, not skill damage.

Please see this guide for what is considered elemental damage:


Guide updated! Added in Malosi’s status block effect.

Note that Malosi only blocks status effects and stacks from being casted.

For what is considered a status effect, please see the first post in this guide.

I’ll be working on adding in a section for Stacks in my current Status Effects guide, in the near future as well :slight_smile: Look forward to it!


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