📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

Yeah I like that, it’s nice to see it being improved :slight_smile:

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@DaveCozy Not sure if you’ve got this / working on this already, but the reflect all from Titanium Shield is here: How to do major dmg to a rare titan with 3 1*s. Thanks for your work on this resource!

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Thanks Benn! Yes, I’m working on getting that buff. :slight_smile: I asked originally to see the icon. I’ll update this thread when it’s done

Note the newest update to the damage share buff :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you notice any updated icons.


I’ve added a list at the top of the 2nd post (the replied post to this one) with Class Talents, and how they relate to status effects :slight_smile:

Table has been updated with the latest status effects from the Black Knight :slight_smile:

Reminder; Lady of the Lake’s minions are not status effects :wink:


Could you help me understand. “1 point” ??

Chance to drop any received damage to 1 point


that means, if normaly damage hundred of points, if Just a Flesh Wound activated, it will has a chance only 1 point damage, including tile/slash/skill damage attack. I’m not sure if this apply to Damage Over Time, I think it will not applied.

Just like Dodge skill / Rogue class, but if dodged it will zero damage received instead of 1 point.


I’ve made another update with added notes to Taunt status effect on how dispelling it works. Reorganized and cleaned up the table a little, clarified descriptions of some status effects.

Also, I’ve added a section in the third post for buffs and ailments (if there’s any future ones) that can’t be used in Raids. I feel like they need their own section, since one of the reasons why I put together the initial table was as a reference to help players fighting in wars and tournaments, so they’d know what overwrites what quickly when they see it. I wouldn’t want status effects that can’t be used there to be piled in, as that may make the table unnecessarily large should SG release more enemy or item exclusive effects :slight_smile:


He may reduce everything. Counterattack damage, damage over time, damage from items (Axe Attack)

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With bubbles :slight_smile:

In the third picture his special covers almost everything, but if you look very close you can see on top the burn and sand damage reduced to 1.

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I’d be curious to find out if the Ranger’s Pierce talent can bypass “Just a Flesh Wound” :thinking: :smile:

Yeah, that’s a good question.

I think Invisibility Potion also casts an exclusive status effect, but as I have never seen it and my Lodge is still level 2, I cannot confirm it.

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Thanks, I’ve been working on upgrading the Lodge. I just got it to level 3 so I could get a screenshot of the Titanium Shield buff. My next goal will be level 5 then :slight_smile:

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It should bypass it (and taunt too).

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Updated thread, spell slayer and mindless attack overwrite each other, as per this post:

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Updated thread with Kingston’s attack ailment:

Note that other attack ailments (e.g. Zeline, Alice) and buffs (e.g. Khiona, Ares) do not stack with Kingston’s continuous attack decrease.


Updated with Zombie Blessing

Does not stack with Atomos or Muggy’s buff. Thanks @Aquaginera_7DD for the tip :slight_smile:


Just want to say thank you for keeping this list alive and frequently updated.
Really appreciate your work behind it. :+1:

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