Status effect specials are all either hit or miss when blinded [RESOLVED]


Should status effect specials be all hit or miss when the hero is blinded?

I went up against wilbur just now in a season 2 stage on hard, and blinded him with Joon.

when he fired, all 5 heroes were missed with the spirit link/defense debuff. I remember having proteus blinded and firing them in the past and all 3 missed.

Is that the way it should work? 100% hit or miss and no mixture?


In last war, I blinded Guin using Drake and her mana drain only hit two of my heroes.


Mana drain isn’t a status effect though. Or at least I don’t think it is.



Very true. I guess status effects could work differently, and I haven’t really paid close enough attention yet.


I shall post video proof soon. :smiley:


I know Titan status effects hit or miss mixture across the team, if it only applies to heroes it is likely a bug.


I’ve definitel had mixed outcomes forms status effects on blinded heroes, as recently as today. Blind Grimm cast and only two of three targets got the defense debuff.


I have been proven…WRONG



Never hurts to double check. You really screwed Wilbur good! :rofl:


I’m surprised spirit link didn’t still apply, it is a buff not a debuff. If Wilbur hits you and you use Rigard cleanse or antidotes spirit link will remain.