Status alignments

What are status alignments and how are they fixed with a special

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “status alignment“? Each hero has an elemental alignment, based on its color. Each color is strong against another color and weak against another color, as shown in the little diagram in the upper left of the game.

So say for Jabbar his last portion of his special move said
Cures status alignments from caster.

What does the reman exactly?

Oh, ailments. Not alignments.

Status ailments are lingering effects from your heroes’ specials. Say the you just cast Jahangir, and Jabbar is burning. When he casts, the burn goes away.

So it’s important to hold certain specials if you see a sand creature is about to cast, otherwise a lot of the value is lost.

Ahhh crud. Ok. I got ya