Status Ailments Removed As Buff?

I’m not 100% sure if it is a bug but I THINK it is.
Several heroes do the opponent ststus ailments. Most liked Wilbur’s Special. “All enemies share received damage each others…”.
This means, if you hit one hero causing e. g. 100 damages, all other team members get the same damage too.
Surely this is not a buff but a curse.

Funny, but all your heroes, who remove buffs from the enemy remove this curse (!!!) from the enemy as it was a buff.

Very bad, I think.
Your opinion, please?

Damage sharing counts as buff.
It’s an advantage.


Definitely not.
If this hits the enemy (!) it works like a multiplication!
As described:
You hit one enemy by 100 and every other members get the same 100 damage!
For allies only is this a buff. There is working like division. If one of your hero is hit by 100 and you have 4 heroes more alive, you only get 20 damages while your teammates are getting each 20 too!
For you is a buff by dividing.
For the enemy is a curse by multiplying!

Therefore no debuff shall remove this curse from the enemy. IMHO

It counts as a buff because its designed to increase their ability to survive. Players use it a different way


Do not tell me please I do increase myself my own enemie’s ability to survive? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Do not tell me jokes, please. :sob::sob::sob:
Why do you not read what I wrote (or test yourself) how the enemy-sharing-damage status alignment works?
It helps me to kill them faster and shall not remove by my own heroe as it is not a buff but a curse.

Okay, I won’t tell you any jokes.

  1. Wilbur’s decreasing defense definitely decreases the enemy heroes’ ability to survive.

  2. Sharing damage generally increases their ability to survive. There are many heroes that put that very same buff on their allies. It’s a buff. However, most people playing with that in mind, are bring attack all heroes, so only the defense down matters. He also does the same thing to his own team. so it’s either a buff or a “curse” as you call it, on both sides.

In short, Wilbur buffs the enemy with sharing damage, but also debuffs them with defense down. That’s why enemies die faster with Wilbur in general.


No, it won’t.
The def debuff of Wilbur will, but the damage sharing won’t. It just helps to do damage to all, but it often refuses to kill one.

The same damage will be shared with all enemies. It helps to keep em alive, not to kill em faster.

It’s definitely a buff, not an ailment.

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To be clear, the “share damage” portion of Wilbur’s special alone doesn’t increase or decrease the total damage done, it just evenly divides it. That is, if a group of five heroes had ONLY the “share damage” effect on them, and you hit Hero A for 100 damage, the result would be 20 damage dealt to each of Hero A, B, C, D, and E.

Combined with a +Defense bonus (such as Wilbur applies to your own team), this reduces the damage dealt to the team overall, so each would take less than 20 damage for that same 100-damage hit.

Combined with a -Defense penalty (such as Wilbur applies to the enemy team), this increases the total damage done, so each would take more than 20 damage damage for that same 100-damage hit.

This leads to situations where you can use a “share damage” effect against an enemy team. For example, if you attack a team that has Gunnar on it, and he applies his “share damage and +Defense” - if you then hit the enemy team with Ulmer and apply a -Defense effect, the “share damage” stays in place, but the +Def is replaced with -Def and you can really hit the enemy team for good damage. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps to make sense of it. In general, “share damage” is a buff, not an ailment.

Good gaming!


@APatok why do you open 2 similiar thread at once?

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This is not for multiplication. It is sharing!

If you have five breads and your family consist of you and 4 other members.

Then you share that 5 breads to your family members equally, how many each member will receive? 5 or 1?

Damage sharing is buff not ailment.

Before Wilbur appear, it has been there with Gunnar and Kailani.

YES, but there are 2 case when it can be utilized:

  1. Titan
    Because titan are alone, the damage sharing buff it receive do not count

  2. Challenge Event.
    Because you want to kill all mobs as fast as possible while saving special skill fire for boss wave, sometimes it is frustrating not being able to kill enemy in the corner with puzzle. But with this buff, you can kill the corner mobs without hitting them.

Because these are two different cases. :smile:

…and if your sentence is OK, then Wilbur’s enemy “something” :sweat_smile: is not a buff therefore no debuffer shall remove it.
And I agree, your sentence is OK.

Yes, damage sharing (my team) is a buff while damage multiplier (my enemy) is an ailment.
No debuffer hero of mine shall remove any ailments from my enemy.
I’m really confused why people call a damage “multiplier” as a buff. Must be sg. with English.

More, there are definitely not only 2 possibility to utilize it. Not only titan or quests, but raids, wars and the normal map fights like Basic map, Valhalla or Atlantis.
In all these cases I’ll eliminate my enemy with Wilbur’s enemy curse, this so called damage multiplier. Which is not a buff but an ailment so no debuffer of mine shall remove it from my enemy.
I think but I already told this.

Mate, I think you get something wrong.
Wilbur does the same effect to both teams, but he provides additional defense for you team and less defense for you opponent.
So if one tile does 100 damage to a single target before Wilbur fires, it will be some more total damage afterwards, but this damage will be shared by all enemies. So if we would say one tile provides 150 damage now ( based on the lower defense) and there are still 5 heroes on the table, each hero will take 30 damage.

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There is no damage multiplier in Wilbur.

What exist are:
Defense Up buff for all allies.
Damage Sharing buff for all allies.
Defense Down ailment for all enemies.
Damage Sharing buff for all enemies.

If you use dispel, the Damage Sharing buff will be dispelled from enemies.


Please read Wilbur’s card carefully and understand it. His skills debuffs all enemies’ defense while buffing all allies defense. His skill also causes damage sharing for both enemies and allies. This means that by damage sharing, the enemy tends to have a bigger TOTAL damage obtained than when your heroes are getting damage from the enemy by reason that when Wilbur’s skills is activated, the enemy has lower defense, thus they take bigger damage total but your heroes have increased defense thus getting lower damage total.

You can confirm this by experimenting. Try hitting the enemy using a sniper hero without Wilbur’s skill being activated. Now compare hitting the same enemy while Wilbur’s skill is active. You’ll notice a difference.

So if I use Melendor he will dispel the buff that Wilbur applied to the enemies (not a question but a fact, experienced it each time, so now I first use Melendor then Wilbur). How is this normal to you? My hero helping the enemy( by dispelling a buff applied by another of my heroes).

Would you be so kind as to explain to me the next issue, which you could recognize yourself if not only talking about checking but it?

I have an opponent team of 5 heroes. They receive Wilbur’s ailments to xxxxx damages. (xxxxx=multiple according to my experience).
Then I shoot one of the enemy and I hit him with 100 damages.
Then I see, the 100 damage I did to one heroe comes to all other heroes as the exact 100 damage too.
I did 100 damage to one.
Finally, 5 did get the same damage 100.
Do you call it “sharing damage”? I call it “damage multiplication” as 100 was multiplied 5x.
Getting more damage as originally sent I call as ailments and I do not call sharing.

I have a team with 5 heroes. They receive Wilbur’s buff for damage sharing.
One of my team members gets 100 damage.
In reality, the targeted hero gets only 20 damages while all other not targeted heroes get 20-20 damages.
This I call buff and damage sharing.

Why do not try to check this instead of telling me it is not true? Wilbur’s SS works like this. My team gets damage shared while the opposite team gets damage multiplied.
Even if you do not like it.

If this “curse” will be removed by my own team member, this I call a bug.

If you will not crosscheck this, please tell me how to submit videos here so I can do it instead of you and present.

You never “see” the original damage in that case. If you see a 100 appear written on a character with share damage, it means you really did 500 damage (assuming 5 enemies are alive). But this 500 is divided equally among all living damage sharers. You can see this really clearly by using a sniper before and after Wilbur. Before you probably do 800-1000 damage, after, you do 200 to each enemy.

Wilbur is extremely powerful, but you have to understand how to use him… The only way I take down Telluria teams is with Boldtusk and Wilbur, preferably with some AoE backup.

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