STATS: What's considered above average, average, & below average for attack, defense, & health stats on 5 * heroes?

A place to start for 5 star heroes, below average = <700, average = 750, above average = >800?
I ask because when choosing to emblem up 4 star heroes to become closer to 5 star heroes, I consider everything relevant ( Element, Class, Special Skill, etc…).
I’ve read about specific heroes, and opinions on leveling strength vs. more balanced, and this falls in line with several of those.
What do you think? Is 775 still an above average number or is it now 800?

According to the link below, the average red five star hero has an attack stat of 727 (if I did my math correctly).

Highest is 809 - Elena
Lowest is 611 - Black Knight

If it takes 800 to be above average you’re limited to Elena and Baldur. I would consider anything above 800 to be excellent.

But as you mention this all has to be taken into account with the hero as a whole (Costume, special matching skills, family bonus, emblems etc).

If we’re talking about fully leveled/emblemed offensive oriented heroes, 800 might be considered more of table stakes.

*All numbers from above were based on fire heroes only and based on me manually entering their attack stats in excel and then doing some basic calculations


Attack at 800 is, in my opinion, above average. But, considering the heroe’s stats, you can emblem one to the stat that benefits more the heroe itself. Then compensate the weaker stat with the rest of the team. For example, i just limit break my Gormek, built specifically for defense: 700 +defense and 1800+ life. Then, i compensated my team with C.Elena at 945 attack. Position in defense team is also relevant.

#5 here.