Stats on Margaret

I would like SG to post their statistics on Margaret.

What percent of people who have her, use her, and in what capacity.

And then I want them to compare those numbers to Seshat and Ranvir and rest of the real HOTM.

The argument that she is useful in raids is just ridiculous when you compare all of the other HOTM and how multi-faceted they are.

Margaret is GARBAGE. Even with extra fast mana, I rarely get her special off before she is dead, and even then it doesn’t matter because while she is waiting to dodge, she gets tiled to death. The reason Inari works, is that she has minions that take hits and give her extra defense. Margaret is a sitting duck.

I have spent so much time levelling her up, thinking eventually she will be useful, and then…NOTHING. She doesn’t DO anything. It is ridiculously frustrating to play with her, and for a game that is ostensibly supposed to fun, that is a really really really bad sign.

This is not just opinion. I want to see the statistics and then compare her to any other 4* or 5* green hero, let alone an actual HOTM. If they make this information public it will show that she is maybe, at best, a one dimensional, niche hero which in no way at all compares to other 5* greens or heroes of the month.


I highly DOUBT and such stats will be shown. But if you read here in the forum you WILL get your answer she is JUNK and the ONLY 5* green that is (set down for this) WORSE than her is voted to be Atomos.

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Are 7 green tiles that hard to come by when doing raiding?
(6 if mana troop at lvl 11)

They have to fix this. When have you ever played against her? No one uses her. At all. Its like hitting the lottery and then finding out the bank is empty. For people who don’t spend money, this is the worst possible outcome.

Well that is a goofy question with a goofy answer yes they can be


Have you played with her? Because the answer to that is yes. And even if you get her special off, that doesn’t protect you from tile damage which is how she goes down EVERY TIME.

LOL I do NOT disagree at all

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I suppose so, but she doesn’t seem like a good hero on defence to me in the first place. I have always seen her as an offensive hero primarly.

Slash attacks killing her sounds about right though if that’s what you meant by tile damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they could add some small snipe damage to her skill, which might make make her a more well rounded hero. Without interfering with her original dodge design for those who like her as she is


Margaret é muito ruim. Não vale se chamada de 5*. Tinham que melhorar ela. Ela é o único herói 5* da natureza que tenho. Mas não gasto nenhum item raro de ascensão para ela.

Yeah fought her a couple of times in raids. Tiles kill her too quickly and she rarely dodges GM so never was any trouble.

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I have her and I use her all the time but only offensively. She keeps my hard hitters alive longer which in most cases results in me winning raids/wars. She absolutely sucks defensively because she is extremely squishy.

Unless your boards are extremely bad, you should be able to get her special off a few times in a raid.


Something else that would be interesting is to let Margaret dodge regular attacks with her buff. That would make her interesting for defense at least :stuck_out_tongue: As she stands she is indeed a pretty specialized hero.

In SGG’s other game, Puzzle Combat, there are dodge buffs that allow defenders to avoid tile damage. Having played that game myself, I think they’re rather annoying but not broken. So it’s not like SGG hasn’t meddled in this idea before :wink:


That is a solution I proposed in another thread…also increase her defense to 700. That would at least make her a usable asset.

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She’s the worst HOTM by far.


Atomos is really awful though, just delays ghosting. I brought a Margaret to 60, but she can’t replace any other level 60 heroes in her class quests, so she’s still useless until I can justify enough spare mats to take her to 70. SGG really trolled me on that Atlantis 10 pull, giving me 10 of 3* and 2 of Margaret.

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I actually raided a team with her at tank a couple of days ago. It was the first time I had faced her in a raid. I CRUSHED her, even without color stacking. She’s definitely no threat on defense in the tank position. lol

Margaret need a upgrade!!!

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Agree with all of the above. If we’re focusing on green, margaret is a wasted opportunity not to tweak and make usable. It’s not just any hero, its HOTM…

Hope we get lucky fellas with her and the upcoming balance changes.

The best way to keep her idea alive - which I think is a very good one - is to make her and nearby dodge all damage. She could be used as flank in defenses then and would definitely be more useful in offense. Like a mini Black Knight type of hero.

Of course her mana gain for dodges might have to be decreased or something else in it’s place otherwise if you dodge a 5-match if get a full mana bar which is also not ideal.

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