Stats for Alliance members

In the interest of cultivating more active alliance members (and removing inactive ones), it would be awesome if each member of the alliance had a running total for how many titans they’ve attacked and wars they’ve participated in.

I don’t want to kick any members because life gets in the way and they miss out on a few titan battles in a row… however, if I could see that someone has been a member for, say, a few months and never attacked a single titan (without having to manually take notes after each titan battle), that would be helpful.

As is, if I click on a member, I can see when they were last active and how long ago they joined, so the system is already keeping tabs on their Alliance membership anyway. So maybe adding some text. Something like:

Joined xxd ago Titans: 5 Wars: 0

Commenting to bump this topic because I still think adding more member tracking tools for alliance leaders would be helpful. Curious to see others weigh in on this…