Statistics for making 5 star

I think that there is a major glitch. Lots of work…rarely any 5 star. Lots of money…rarely any 5 star. Lots of saved up gems…rarely any five star.

There must be a problem with described odds Vs actual odds of summoning 5 star heros at gate in the software’s algo. Please fix!

  1. note that on the forum we’re pretty well only players like yourself

  2. it’s hard for us players to provide any insight or advice without any numbers to work from… You’ve provided only qualitative information; nothing quantitiative… So no {x} 5* heroes from {y} summons from {z} summons portal.

Based on what you HAVE said (that being the word “rarely” several times), it’s worth pointing out that the stated odds are literally in line with this…

As an example, I’ll take the Ninja Portal.

  • Odds for 5* Vanilla Hero = 1.5%
  • Odds for 5* Ninja Hero = 1.0%
  • Net odds = 2.5%

Meaning that every individual summon you make has only a 2.5% chance of spitting out a rare hero… 3.8% if you include the “bonus” draw for the HotM.

On a 10x Summon, you have a cumulative probabiltiy of 22% to get 1x 5* hero from the 10 summons… Of that, it’s more likely to be a Vanilla (classic) hero than a ninja…

I believe that qualifies as “rarely” in statistical terms…?

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I have kept track of my summons. I am on the “bad” side of these statistics and it is very frustrating. Been here for over two years. All season one.

I get you are on the team of small giant but gives us a break. To what end is there a benefit of not offering better heros to the “lamen” of the game rather than the heavy hitters. It takes so much time to evolve and after the evolution…to see nothing is frustrating.

May the trolls be trolling on me

First off, I’m not on “the team of Small Giant”… I’m a player. Which I stated.

Secondly, you missed both of my opening points too.

What this means is that, WE (the Forum players) CANNOT “fix” anything… We’re just players…

We can however offer advice & try to “de-bug” a situation given enough information… Which you haven’t provided.

Only staff can “investigate” specific accounts & fix bugs. To contact them, you need to #contact-support.


Also played for over 2 years. Not much money to spend on the game as much as I want chasing those prized heroes since I am from a third world country in Asia and I only am a desk worker. Most of them are from free single pulls. Here’s to trolling you:

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And im also from 3rd country of Asia. And me also need some of those.
#imnotaFTP. :thinking:

Is it in alphabetical order? Azerbaijan
Or by population? Indonesia
Or by GDP? Brunei
Or by land area? India

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I started a good conversation.

There must be a glitch in the ninja tower too. It’s too difficult. Eats of of your battle items. “The kids keep pumping in their quarters, but what they don’t don’t is that you can’t win.”

The goal is to educate by quantifying the experience then placing it on the curve …

The odds are crap. They’ve always been crap. They always will be crap.

Beyond that — there is ascension items and emblems to pull — also crap.

The mods are the volunteer messengers, and we’re protective of them. We’re all in the same boat, annoyed by many of the same things — but nothing turns the tide against your plight faster than picking on the few good people that slog through the muck and mire daily.

Feel for you, hope your luck changes at TC20, HA10 or any of the portals. please know any of us would curbstomp RNGesus given the opportunity… :slight_smile:


I run 4 tc 20s at the moment and HA10 constantly. My base if fully leveled.

Seems my luck was the same only running one tc 20.

Merry Christmas or happy holidays

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