Stating the obvious!

So, an event with a brand new totally imbalanced hero for the raid tournament rush.
3* Treevil (purple)
And the first raid tournament after the event is:
3*, rush, no yellow?

Does anybody think it gonna be a freaking forest in the tournament?

Pardon the expression but there is a name for gamedesigners who makes stunts like this…. D****s!

-May the NOOB who bought the most trees win!

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This noob will bring 4 treevils in there with max emblem and all LBed. Just kidding, I don’t play tourneys anymore. Clearly because of nonsense like this


Considering how good the odds of pulling tree were I think we will all struggle more to win 22 of 25 from now on in 3* rush. I don’t think this was designed to increase summons but instead to increase how many times people spend 75 gems to continue. So I’m guessing sg felt 3* rush had a higher than desirable win %


Defense isn’t the only aspect. :roll_eyes:

I really don’t get the outrage. The anticipated schedule is known. This hero has been own about from Beta for a while and its not like a 5star with very little chance of getting. Many players have saved coins and gems in this portal partly to get some of the 3s & 4s.

It will again be a experienced player who wins as everyone will need to manage their attacks vs the trees having one on your defence won’t mean an automatic A.

Try and come up with strategies to beat it and discuss possible options instead. For me I’ll be bringing my Gunnar on attack to try reverse the def down and Grevle to revers the attk down. The mana part I don’t have a plan for yet so will be fly by seat of pants a bit their but I’m not anticipating getting 0s each attack.

He will be hard, but a challenge is a good thing


I was thinking bauchan to reverse the mana

But let’s not just say we are so good that it won’t impact us, the win rate for this RT will be lower than previously, that might or might not impact your ranking but it will impact the number of times people spend 75 gems

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I’m not saying I’m so good this won’t impact at all. I’m saying everyone will be facing them so we need to work on finding counters instead of pitchforks and complaints.

BTW don’t see Bauchan s a counter for what I need, it wil be the mana gen rate down from treevil I don’t have a counter for


So… possibly an extra 75 gems thrown out every 9 weeks? Is that the reason for the latest anger?

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually think people are way underestimating this hero - I would place him as a top 5 hero across any star level in the game. I am having great success with him at the highest levels of diamond raiding. However, most people have pigeon-holed him at 3* rush so I guess that is where we can focus the discussion.

I do think it will be an extra challenge to overcome at 3* level, much like Alfrike in 5* rush. But I would say a high % of the player base will have at least one, so in some ways it will be an equal playing field between the offense and defense. It will be interesting, at least. I do predict that I will end up buying in as the learning curve will not allow me 22+ wins.


I’m not angry, I’m not surprised, and I’m not even against the challenge. All I’m stating is I dislike the motivation of bringing out this hero

So, you are against the majority of the player base having access to a super powerful hero? So this is what it would look like if summoning odds were greatly improved…


Ah OK. That explains it. Like treevil I just got him so mine isn’t levelled yet. And I am weak in 3s so don’t have a cleanser

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Did I ever say that? No I just think it’s a cynical gem / money grab. Using him in war is great but that wasn’t their motivation was it?

I love bauchan - well worth levelling

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I think that is a huge stretch. The extra income they get from releasing a powerful 3* that may possibly get an extra 75 gems per player every 9 weeek… as opposed to the income they get from releasing a hugely powerful/desired 5*… which would generate more income for them and which would you prefer? I know how much I am enjoying using him, I like the fact that he is so accessible, and even the motiviation is as you say - which I doubt - then I don’t care because the good outweighs the bad.

It’s all the little gem increases, today it’s tree, yesterday it was ToM and new NT, what tomorrow?

He will be I just don’t like stopstarting and had just begun on Baldur so Bauchan will need to wait ( in same way treevil will wait till I finish Thoth)

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Aahh Bauchan…. …naah, wont do, you still have a serious defense down, and the defending team still have a +20%… so the next tree firing (and yea they will do so in rush) will wipe your team out like a raidrop on a windscreen.

The special Treevil has is too powerful even if it was on a 5* card

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Read the whole thread, it was Gunnar, grevle (as suggested by @Kilted) and bauchan - if you used all of those you reverse the def- atk- and mana-


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