State of the Squad - A YouTube Odyssey


Y’all are probably familiar with me by now due to my work on the wiki and promoting it, but in reality all of that work has simply been in support of my learning the various aspects of this surprisingly detailed game. I actually only began playing in early December. This means that I’ve been at it for about two months, now, which makes me a relative newbie.

I’m also going F2P + VIP. This means that while I do get a fair few gems each month, I’m still pretty limited. It’s actually been a pretty great experience since doing this forces me to appreciate every single hero that I pull and to learn how to use them to greatest advantage.

I’m also a part of a decently highly leveled alliance that’s facing 7* 8* and 9* titans. Seeing as most of my squad is made up of 3* heroes, this is a pretty challenging endeavor. Because of this challenge, I thought that it would be interesting to record my titan hits.

This means that I’ve been digitally documenting my titan hits, breaking them up by playlist… and about once a month, maybe once every three weeks, we’ll be going in and updating the State of the Squad with new additions, ascensions and maxed out heroes.

The first few videos that I made were a little less on-point, so feel free to backtrack, of course, but here are the two most recent, I hope y’all enjoy!

State of the Squad: Episode 2

Sabina & Kailani vs Typhoon Dragon:

I also have plans in place to put together a full series of tutorial videos, the first of which is already up!

Team Comp & Two Star Champs:

Thanks for checkin’ things out. Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! o7

~ Che

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