Stat translation?

Random thought recently. I’ve never really understood how the damage inflicted is calculated and therefore what the defense stat even truly means.

But I’m not here to figure that out, what I’m more curious about is if anyone has figured out a rough translation between attack defense and health.

For example, if I’m looking at one hero and he has 20 more attack, but 100 less health are they still roughly equivalent. I know a lot will depend on their special and mana speed to maximize their skill, but is there a rough estimate of how much health or defense an extra attack point is worth (and so on between all the different stats)?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has an inkling

Simple for me.
If the hero does damage it gets every available attack point.

If the hero is completely passive it gets every possible def/Hp point.

There are a few exceptions, for example Alfrike I emblemed passive, because she is slow and should survive and her special is not about damage in the first place. There are maybe a few others…

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Of course it could just be 1:1:1. But I have a feeling an attack stat in general is worth more than the other two. Just don’t know if it’s been clearly demonstrated or obvious

I always like to assume (dangerous, I know) that the emblem nodes are crafted so as to make the stats as similar as possible.

One node = 36 health = 18 defense = 15 attack.


This is an excellent point, thanks

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