Stat tracking and level up awards

My ideas:

  1. in-alliance stats - something that shows the individual player performance and participation within their alliance. There are lots of options that could be tracked but I’m mainly thinking that this would make the alliance leader(s) jobs easier when keeping track of who is carrying their weight and who isn’t.
  2. energy flags and leveling - instead of flags refilling when a player levels up, award one of each type of flask. This would address the annoying need to time your leveling, and ensures that the player gets the full benefit of the accomplishment.

I agree with your idea of Leaders and Co-leaders having the ability to view their Alliance member’s participation. Using the chat box just doesn’t allow us to “log” pertinent information. I now visited this forum to create a new “idea” regarding the very same issue! So, how do I vote for your post?

Thanks for the feedback @Metis

If you scroll to the top of this page you should see a blue bar with the word ‘Vote’. All you need to do is click on that.

Have a great day!


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