STASHed RECRUITS > FOR WHAT?...(hundred/hundreds/thousand/thousands) recruits+resources+asc mats(free/1*/2*/3*)(+gem/s for 3*/4*) for random color trainers (1*/2*/3*/4*)



(hundred/hundreds/thousand/thousands) recruits+resources+asc mats(free/1*/2*/3*)(+gem/s for 3*/4*) for random color trainers (1*/2*/3*/4*)




That’s like 10 years worth of feeders here

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right? SG doesnt care that if you dont waste resources, you get them and do squat with them…

maybe it wasn’t read

S Q U A T !

You must have like a gazillion common herbs by now

i was just thinking about this “what is the use of having this many recruits? every other resource or mat can be used for a multiple things, except for recruits!”
the struggle of storing them in TC

i have:

  • 2 x TC11 each with 60 trainings
  • TC10 with 51 trainings
  • TC20 with 27 trainings
  • HA7 x 3 trainings
  • HA8 x 3 trainings



normally every resource should have a backup/recycle plan
and if not, at least is should not become a bottleneck, ever

for those who do the ‘thinking/fingering’:
___<do stuff game>
___<dont create bottlenecks> #you forgot this part

___<count money>

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how to avoid creating bottlenecks?

I have been letting recruits overfill for some time, there is no need for 1 year let alone 10 years stored on tc11. Basically you are just harming food / items you could have now.

If I had a dollar for every common herb you have…

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If you don’t need the recruits, you could try @Guvnor’s method of destroying recruits and recovering food/iron. You’ll need an advanced house (the higher the level, the easier the process) and a free builder.
The process: take out recruits until you reach the limit (at the maximum level of the advanced house, the limit is 352 recruits) and convert your advanced house into your normal house. Click accept on the warning message and you’ll be back at 294 recruits. It seems like a waste of recruits but at some point, you’ll have plenty of recruits no matter how much you farm. I did this trick a while back on 10K TC11 trainings to get my red mana troop to 23.

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I hear you, point is: why is the game built flawed? why isnt anything done to unflaw/repair it? why was the game built flawed? why isnt anything done to unflaw/repair the old mistakes?

I dont care about the food stuck there. Im f2p; troops are high(maxed from my pov); buildings are maxed; i wont complain about food anytime(10 years?) soon.

question is: why doesnt SG repair/fix things for those who played the game for years, and only adapt the game for the new players - who come and have to spend?

players harnesed those resources, for years now. was it for nothing? just 'bit’s on a server to be forgoten? some players are still 'playing'/hoping to use them.

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make a option for advanced house to store recruits there; better than that, store them directly there

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I’m currently playing a game where resources be are basically recycled. When it was just beta released to the public, they pretty much solved their dupe hero problems immediately.
They have a merging system so you merge similar heroes to get stronger, and no dupes allowed. If the hero is Maxed, the remaining dupes can be turned into in game currency, to buy anything from ascension mats (even the rarer ones) to rare 5* dupes to level up. This is now you handle dupes tbh. And they don’t have that many resources, so your inventory isn’t a nightmare

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you can use the herbs to make giant harpoons in the hunter’s lodge

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offtopic: or use the iron to make nados/stops. better investment, imo

Because some plants, a piece of bone and a cloth can magically turn into metal harpoons. E&P logic
Hunter’s lodge is a waste of time, you solve the inventory problem resources, by introducing new resources…

I disagrees. Scrolls of Alteration are very much a part of the game now and the ability to make them is key. Ergo Hunters Lodge has a point.

Doesn’t solve any of the recruit hoarding issues but you can burn food and iron for fun in HL if you need something to burn it on thats not troops or forge items

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Except that it’s hard to make. Titan skulls don’t come easy for me. But maybe it’s from my guild. My point is hunter’s lodge just introduces more new mats which they could use regular mats anyways.