Starwalker vs Fizzcoil

Which one is better and why?

Starwalker (+ other passive and family)

  • Deals 200% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals 450 extra damage if the target has boosted health.
  • All enemies get -35% defense for 3 turns. If this effect is removed before the duration ends, the target with effect suffers 551 damage.

And Fiz (+ passive and family)

  • Deals 240% damage to all enemies.
  • Wither: All enemies get -160 attack and -160 defense. [?]
  • All enemies get -30% mana generation for 3 turns. If the effect is removed before the duration ends, the mana of the target with the effect is reduced by -5% mana.

Let see your analysis, thx!

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You missed Goblin’s damage to all ….:exclamation:
Answer is obvious….

Same order as written in the OP :exclamation::wink:

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Thx, fixed now.

Would you share your arguments for Starwalker?

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Starwalkers advantage is a higher initial defense down to set up other hitters. Fiz works best after multiple fires or outside of a turn limit.

I’d rather have fiz. The goblin bonus has a similar counter to boosted health. Wither and growth are important abilities I want access to.

But if we’re just talking a random raid then starwalker is probably preferred.


:thinking: For me, at the moment, I’d say Fizz as I have other Goblins but no Elves. That’s the beginning and end of my reasoning

Just one gamer’s opinion

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Would be too long an analysis to include all the possible options, it as always depends on what you want to do: offense/Defense/event/Titan/Tower whatnot

One thing though: Equalizer is already the worst of all war effects and just got so much worse than it was already. That completely idiotic elf will now kill all 5 enemies, not just like Erlang 3 targets.

Just glad I don´t have to fight 7DD in wars :smiley:

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