Starting over - New challenge

I have reached a point where there is not much else to do. So I have decided to start completely over with a new account and see how far I can get this time as c2p player.

I’ll probably get the vip and a few cheap offers but I won’t do heavy spending or at least that’s not the plan.

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One month and 200 dollars later… :smiley::smiley:

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Lol the addiction to spend is real :grin:


That’s clearly masochism :candle:


I agree 100%. It is a conundrum for me how people, who have two or more accounts, find enough time and have enough determination to do all quests, challenges and everything else twice and more times.

Anyway, @Quest good luck with your new account. :slight_smile:


Good luck. I tried restarting a gave up midway through the tutorial…knowing how much of a grind awaits after isn’t an incentive to carry on. At least it wasn’t for me :slightly_smiling_face:


indeed, I don’t think I would have the patience to start all over and do everything all over again… good luck with your new account!


I’m retired and this is now my primary hobby. I agree though. People who have actual real lives amaze me!


If you’re starting over, you might also enjoy checking out Puzzle Combat too, mostly the same with a few different mechanics (like hero/troop leveling), interesting twists to side quests/events, and some new hero abilities (several of which have eventually made their way over here).

It is also an SG game of course, so hopefully it’s ok for me to mention it by name…

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I have more than one account… and my alt accounts are 100% F2P.

The struggle is very real. And no, I do not do all of the events and such. I only do the ones that seem likely to reap the best overall rewards.

Why in the heck would anyone go and make another account?

Well, when I first started playing, there weren’t nearly as many things to do, and I was regularly using up all my flags in under an hour. I absolutely refused to buy flasks, so… I looked it up to see if it was against the rules to have two accounts? It was not. At least not at the time, I hope that hasn’t changed… :grimacing: The only caveat was that SG would only provide customer support for your main account; if you lose your alt, it’s just gone, and nobody is going to help you get it back.

It was fairly easy to maintain multiple accounts back then. Nowadays, there are so many events going on all at the same time, and many of them require more time than the usual raids / titan hits and monster chest farming.

While I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to do everything on multiple accounts… it’s certainly tedious and draining. You end up having to pick and choose which activities you want to do on each one. Which actually suits me just fine, because I find that there are a lot of game activities I have very little interest in even doing even once, let alone multiple times.

I struggled enough with just 1 Ninja tower…

I’d have jumped out of a real tower if I thought I had to do it twice :joy:


Ninja Tower is one of the events I refuse to do. Because I don’t even want to do it once.

Leaves me more time to do other stuff.

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