Starting board reset while fighting titan

I thought this was impossible, but when fighting a titan just now there were no possible movements at the start of the battle (before I could even do anything) and so the board immediately reset and then gave me a 3xcombo.
Wish I could have screenshotted, but it all happened so fast.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Yep have had this happen before to me as well.
Not sure if this was with a titan or ‘normal world stage’ or maybe even raid. But has happened here as well and this shows there is some random involved in making the starting boards.


It’s a bug in the Matrix.



There are also rare boards where a match is made immediately (without you moving a tile). All of which suggests that the board building code has some maximum of iterations it will test. Always good to avoid infinite loops!


Wouldn’t hurt if it happened more often.

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This debunks anyone that actually still believes that tiles are somehow dependent on what color heroes you bring.

Actually not really. Has nothing to do with that.

Yes, it’s happened to me once or twice but not on a Titan. Some still will say this is an impossibility, but witnessing it myself I know it’s true.

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