Start up issue

Since the last update every time I start the game it churns until the connection error pops up. I click ok and then the game will open.
Also, very slow in starting raids or war battles, some times taking as long as 30 seconds to start.

I know it’s basic, but have you tried restarting your device? Sometimes that’s needed especially after an update.

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Another solution to this is to switch from WiFi to mobile data (or vice-versa).

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I have tried rebooting, shutting down and throwing it against the wall…all to no avail

I have run off of both with the same issue. Inside my house I have to use wifi as our cell signal is too weak to support data or calling.
But this issue is every time I start the game now no matter the data path.

What system are you using? If android have you optimised your device, etc?

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