Start of every month

At the start of every month give everyone 10 free emblems of every kind and 100 coins of every kind. That would make an enormous amount of people less stressed and players alot happier, Plus something more to look forward to not to mention it would be less pay to win and more everyone friendly. Love the players like the players love the game.

Everyone wants that, but not the devs. For one to summon, they need to have tokens, enough coins, and/or gems. It has been that way since March 2017 and I don’t see them change it anytime soon. As long as there are players willing to spend real money for the in-game currency (gems), Small Giant will not make anymore changes as they think they already provided players equal opportunity to summon heroes at various portals thru aligned quests giving off free coins. They need to earn a living, too, if not a huge return of investment. Good luck with your thread !!


100 Challenge coins :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kind of a combo of VIP and PoV , which are probably two of the best sellers for SG. Expecting those to become free is rather wishful thinking


Not really a combo when it’s way shorter not paid and minimum gains not a whole list of obtainable items.

That would be nice but that will never happen.

A login bonus with various rewards (like tall boots and such amazing stuff)? Maybe.
But they give you 1 free summon for their anniversary. Do not expect much more every month for free without playing for it.

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From SG’s perspective what’s the benefit of this? They’re already giving an option that gives you 9x as many gems, along with various other items.

And with how hard it is to get hht or ett I don’t see them freely giving these away, not even after buffs/nerfs/or other mistakes made by SG.

If you give people 100 for free, in few months they will asking for 200.

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Then after a week 10 million. It’s not possible as the request is reasonable. If more people voted on this it would make everyone happier.

I would agree if the request implied some effort from the player: For example, daily logins. or flags use…

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And a partridge in a pear tree

Yeah that’s totally agreable very reasonable.

Yes, absolutely!

99% of my gaming experience is with PC and console games, majority of which weren’t even geared towards multiplayer.

But of the multiplayer online games that I played… they did have rewards for logging in every day and accomplishing certain tasks.

Inb4 someone says “E&P already does that bruh, it’s called chests and PoV”

Not the same exactly… but then… not the same kind of games, either. Apples vs. oranges and all. :man_shrugging:

I just think that it probably wouldn’t exactly kill SG to be slightly more generous…


Me too, and that was quite helpful to keep players logging day after day and keep the game alive which otherwise it would be dead.


I don’t think they care less if we are happy or not. It’s just a wild cash grab atm…

Then like this so it gets noticed and they know how we feel let’s make it turn red lol.

Right, and we need, of course, a set of 6x 4* AMs of each category and 5x blades and tooms with it.
BTW, a couple of food and iron packagaes would be a good idea too.

Dramatic gets no one anywhere.

Come on mate, since the last update, there are emblems everywhere and also every summon portal ( without atlantis ) provides at least one free pull for f2p’s.

Please also remember, 100 atlantis or valhalla coins is just one more Dawa to fed away. :rofl:

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Hahaha sawa and bane!!!

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