Start all boards off equally

Ok, I’ve been playing for a year and every time you need something, the game shoves it back in your face. Let me explain. I had an even matchup for war. I used Prometheus with the idea of suppressing the enemy. Game starts. 3 purple tiles??? After 5 moves with no combos one purple appeared. Still no use for Prometheus. In that time, the attack counter made it so the opposition had 3 attacks in a row. During that turn, they ALL targeted my healer and wiped her out. Then they proceeded with Prometheus. I literally scored zero points.

Very frustrating.

I’m not the only one that’s posted similar threads, so it obvious something needs be done. I dont mind the losing, but it’s the entire squashing that is idiotic.

Before I lossed, I managed final get a spectacular 10move combo. It bombarded the head of my opponent who happen be Rigard. After the onslaught, I only did maybe a 5th of damage to his health. How can we die with several direct hits, but I cant do the same? It’s common knowledge that regardless of your hero, an attacked by the opposition is not spread out and they do at least 150pts standard damage. Seems element difference and defense makes no difference.

Something needs be done.
First propose that all boards start with equal tiles. There is enough room for every board have 7 of each color.
Second increase tile rejuvenation percentage based on the tiles you used. Right now there should be a 20% chance for any color… boost the color used to 35%.
Third, throw a randomized split normal attack in the game for the opposition.

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