Starry Starry Night

My troops are all four star except for red which I have a 3 * and I’ve been waiting for the night when I get a 4-star red. My 3 * red is leveled up to 17. I’ve been saving the 3-star Reds that get to feed to my four star red when I get one , if I ever get one. So I have about 17 three star red troops that are just sitting there waiting to be fed in to a 4-star troop once I get one. Is that a wise choice or should I just say the hell with it and feed them to my 3-star red. Is that a waste? And how high can I level up a 3 Star Troop? It just feels like I’m wasting a lot of power that’s just sitting there waiting to pull a 4-star Red Troop. So are there any dark secrets to pull a 4-star Red Troop, any rituals or dances I can do?

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I would wait for a 4*. I did that to my troops also, when I got my first green 4*, it went up to lvl8 the same day. I feel it was worth to save feeder troops.


Save the 3* till you get a 4* - you have unlimited troop space anyways

Stop feeding to your 3* troop. Level 17 is already strong enough, even more than you need… save all feeders