⭐ Starr Light Shining down on YOU!

:star:Starr Light Shining:star: is a highly active, mature, drama-free alliance seeking to meet our new family members! We’re currently looking for a couple of heavy hitters and mid-range players to join our team. We also invite anyone who would like to enjoy an easy-going, casual atmosphere, and loads of laughs, while sharing the knowledge and wisdom of our veteran players.

We’re hitting 8-star titans daily and actively participate alliance wars. Our current roster consists of 20+ dedicated core members ranging from level 20 to 60. We’d love the opportunity to invite you to join our team! We’re filling up fast, but we’re looking for those who seek to find their forever home.

Only 400 trophies required. Levels 20 and up please. Our only rules are to use all your flags each day, (please communicate if life interferes with your gaming time) and don’t be a douche!

We communicate through Line app, but this is purely optional. Our alliance chat stays just as active! Contact @Jennstarr on Line or look us up in game!

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Jennstarr is a real sweetheart :heart:

Check these guys out if you’re looking!

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Thanks Duche! She’s the bestest!

Bumping this back to the top since still have open spots! Look for Jennstarr in Global Chat or Alliance Recruiting in game! She’d love to chat with you!

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