Starfall Troops

I know the color of the heroes will change, but when they are changed, you get default level troops rather than the level of that color you brought with another hero. I took a rainbow team, all with lvl 22-23 troops, but when Starfall effect hits, they all get the lvl 1 garbage troops. Is this a bug or is this just not mentioned in the instructions??

I did not pay enough attention to notice this. I wonder if Guardian Chameleon causes the same effect.

The effect does say that it changes the heroes, but does not say troop. Perhaps the game is programmed to not include troops when elements change.

Exactly how can you tell this?

I certainly didn’t see any slowdown in my heroes charging as they cycled through colors. Nor did I see them doing vastly less damage or taking more.

Fair point. There is no change on the attack, defense and health stats of your heroes in any elemental phases they are in during this event.

My Nordri+20 has 592 attack stat. Add the +12% attack bonus from the level 5 militia rookie troop and it results to his attack stat as 663. That number is consistent in any element my Nordri is during Starfall. I think that the troops also change the element along with the heroes.

Just tested with my Grazul waiting for her to turn blue as I dont have a blue mana troop and she has no mana node. She still charged in 6 tiles as opposed to needing 6.5 so suggests the troop assigned switches colour too as opposed to being replaced.

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Yes, the troop always appear as Common Villager Troop, a default troop when you don’t have any troop to use. I am not sure if stat is reduce or not when the element is changed. However, I think this bug will make Cri and blind have no effect since they are depend on troop.

This doesnt appear to be true. From above my Grazul still is fully charged in 6 tiles after changing to blue. This wouldnt happen if changed to a default troop.

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Well, maybe +%stat and +%mana is still work as normal but I still Cri and blind will have no effect since they will have effect when troop of heroes that have Cri and blind appear. All hero still get +%stat and +%mana from their troop that mean their troop doesn’t change to Common Villager Troop and they still get benefit from their troop but there is only Common Villager Troop appear when heroes element is changed. So, Cri and blind will have no effect.

I don’t think so. You may be mistaken.

If what you say is true, then that quoted text above would be incorrect. However, my Nordri with all the emblems and supporting troop has consistently have 663 attack stat.

May I know what “blind” are you talking about?

No, I see Common Villager Troop every time when heroes element is changed.

At about 6:14 in this video

You can see the green troop are always Common Villager Troop

However, it look like Cri can happen but I’m not sure if that is from heroes talent grid or troop.

Both can be correct if there is a bug. Everything can happen if there is a bug. That is what the bug is.

I mean any “lower accuracy”. I know there is no Starfall boss that apply “lower accuracy” ailment but the bug can expand to Guardian Chameleon which can have “lower accuracy” ailment involved.

I see your point. It may just be a visual bug in the appearance of the troops when tiles are matched.

But Chameleon does not lower accuracy. He has the following skills:

Special Skill: Elemental Magic

  • Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all enemies.
  • Changes the element of all enemies to the element they are strong against for 3 turns.
  • All allies get +54% attack for 4 turns.
  • All allies get +36% critical chance for 4 turns.

Unless what you are saying is that when the lizard’s skills procs, instead of critical hits, it results to misses instead?


This is not the updated text of Chameleon’s skills. Taken from the closed Chameleon thread.

If anyone can prove that Cri from troop and miss from any “lower accuracy” can happen if heroes element is changed. So, yes, it is only visual bug.

I know I say a bit ambiguous.

mean Guardian Chameleon can make the situation that have “lower accuracy” ailment involved happen, for example, Guardian Chameleon tank and Drake Fong flank. It attacker use mono team and Drake Fong fire after Guardian Chameleon fire. Now attacker heroes will have both “elemental change” and “lower accuracy” ailment.

But of course. That would be the natural course of things if the heroes are afflicted by the skills of Chameleon and Drake. I expect that to happen even without the Starfall event.

Me too. In fact, this is one of many untested “Chameleon vs something” situation that I want to know :slightly_smiling_face:

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The thing is, Starfall event causes your heroes to change elements. But with Chameleon, all his enemies change their element everytime he casts his skills. So, in Starfall event, if you bring Chameleon with you, all characters (your heroes and the enemy mobs and bosses) change their element whenever the Starfall’s elemental change and Chameleon’s Elemental Magic get activated.

Yes…elemental change madness :smile: However, I don’t have Guardian Chameleon :smile:

I also get a idea to make “lower accuracy” ailment + Starfall’s elemental change situation by bring a yellow hero with skill that has “lower accuracy” ailment. Starfall yellow monster/boss will reflect “lower accuracy” ailment to caster. So, that hero use skill on yellow monster/boss and then elemental change to purple. Now, that hero will have both “lower accuracy” ailment + Starfall’s elemental change.

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