Stardust offer

Any thoughts on that? 2,29€ for 200 :gem:, 1 epic troop token, 1 dragon attack and 1 super antidote. Is it worth it?

If you need 200gem and a TT - yes

If there was an Hero token, i would take it…
But this one I’ll pass…


yes, I was thinking the same

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Shitty offer, imho.
I passed

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Pass, with the atlantis offers coming up I don’t see the point unless you really want the troop token.

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The only reason to buy this offer is if you’d be buying gems from the store instead. It’s the price per gem of the 10,000 gem offer in the store, but with an ETT thrown in.

360 % value. LLLLLOL😂

Right, very good example. It is a bad offer after all

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But great design! I like!

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haha yes, I guess that is the reason I wanted to ask your thoughts eventhough it was obviously a bad offer.

Really depends on how you value troop tokens.


If you buy troop summons with gems to level them it‘s not a bad deal. Otherwise…well

I agree with the consensus here. If you need any of that go for it otherwise you can hold off for a better offer.

I would hold off as well. Seems like they are doing deals every other day now just wait for a better one.

But but but… Super antidotes man

400% value.

Can’t go wrong… Right? :joy:

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I dont need theses items, ill pass, only worth it if you need 4* troups. But i have enough 4* troups.

Pass, i agree if it was hero token then i would grab it up. But ill wait another day or so for season 2.

I’d like to trade in my silver tokens to SG for gems. I’ll take just 50 gems for each one. C’mon SG that’s a 300% value for you!


Lol. You are correct. My math did neglect the sweet, sweet value booster that is a Super Antidote potion.

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