Star-based talent scaling?

I think it would make sense for talent benefits to scale (along with costs, which already do) for higher-star heroes. For example, Azlar’s attack should go up by more than Gormek’s on the second node (e.g., if Gotmek’s goes up by 15, Azlar’s should go up by maybe about 20 or 22).

Perhaps it would make sense for the existing fixed-number increases to become the increases for 3* or 4* heroes, and to make higher level heroes’ fixed-number increases about 30-50% higher (lower-level heroes could be scaled down accordingly) (e.g., Gormek would go up by 15 (if 4s were the base) or 20 or 22 (if 3s were the base), and Azlar would go up by 20 or 22 (if 4s were the base) or some fixed amount between perhaps 26 to 33 (if 3s were the base)). (Looking at these numbers, perhaps 4*s would be the ideal base level)).

Too be clear…you are asking for 800 atk/770 def Gravemakers to be running around… That’s gonna be a hard no-thank-you-very-much from this guy! :wink:
Enjoy your day.

If that is the concern, make the base amounts the 5* increases and nerf everyone else accordingly.

hmzz some heros will get to overpowered then… like gravemaker to start… he’s allready a very strong hero… kage also they very fast and hit both very hard and you really screwed if you board is bad to these kind of heros

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