Stange 4* ascention item

Does annyone know this ascention item? A alliance member has it. He has it for about a year.

In English it’s something like " Aegis of dragon scales"

I have never seen that. I would like to know what it is as well and if I have been missing something this entire time…

Nor me, shame you cant click on an item and see what it is used for…

Very old item that got made redundant, there was mention of it being brought back but never materialised

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A special item to ascend HOTM if I recall…

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oh boy, I bet that was fun.

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Probably why they obsoleted it.

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Thanks, I don’t think it was for HOTM because it was before they existed

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Just happy that there is not another 4* AM i have to collect. Puhhh :relieved:


Maybe it was for the first Bunny event or something.

A poor version of damascus blade!

It’s still available as an alliance icon…

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