Standard mission loot chests

Wondering what the point is or how its calculated. For instance, I just played a level and after beating the boss got 15 chests. Victory celebration only gave me 3 1* items. So what is the point? Shouldn’t I have gotten 15 items or items in rarities that add up to 15 (Like 5 3* items)?

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This is tricky and I just figured it out about a month ago. Seriously, I was making a post in the rediculous complaints thread about this and figured it out. Count your items and your heroes and your troops and your recruits. That will add up to the treasure chests.

Yes, they stick recruits in a chest. That’s why they join you - they can’t run away or do anything else due to atrophy. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Are you talking about the rewards for completing a single farming run, or competing the Mondters Wanted mission chest (kill 100 monsters)? What you get in the latter chest appears unconnected with how,you completed the mission.

@Kerridoc yeah was talking about farming chests, standard missions. It never seemed to add up. But if KAF said is right, it’s just not farming items.

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Mate I finished one stage on one quest and got 41 chests in that run … then I got 5 itmes … which was :
like ok … must be FAT 5 items to fill up those chests xD

There is one exception. If you do s mission, sometimes those items are counted as one. For example, say you have 16 treasures on the gems quest. That could be 8 recruits, 7 items, and the 6 gems as the 6 gems count as one item since it’s the advertised loot. That seems to be the only exception I’ve found.

Yeah been running experiments and standard quest missions dont add up like story missions

Do you get better items from monster chest the higher level you farm???

No. We’ve looked for that correlation and never found it.

it did not seam so to me kerr. thanks.

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