Stalking by old alliance

Has anyone else had a problem with previous alliance members chasing you to the new alliance to get you kicked?

No. Sounds like you have some deranged people with way too much time on their hands bugging you.

Terrible situation to be in. Not surprised it happens.

Out of curiousity, what did you do (or do they think you did)?

left with 2 others when some war flag drama started.

How did they find you?

thats the creepy part, i have no idea

If you typed anything in chat of your old alliance before you left, they can click on your avatar to see your profile and what alliance you joined after leaving. To be “safe” give it 24 hrs before joining a new alliance if you don’t want anyone to see where you ended up.

…and now I sound like a stalker. Great. :laughing:


You can also see an ex-member’s profile if they attacked the current Titan


O I didnt even think about that! Thanks for the tip stalker hahaha