Stage 4 event bug

I finished stage 4 around 3 times trying for a high score
I ended the stage in 1:08 and got 63k
Then in replayed it and used all available items again, 5 bombs, dragons, mana, tornado and finished in 55 seconds to receive 63k again
I think i should have scored better, please look into this if you can
All my scores under a minute were so much better than this.

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Here is the screenshot

You likely got less “match bonus” this time. Overkilling with cascades can get you a lot of points.

All i did was cascade with a diamond on the board, all purple active with diamond on the last stage

Yeah match Bonus is the cause, probably.
There is no real certainly how the match Bonus works, I’d guess you got more combos on the slower run.


Thanks! It doesnt make sense, i guess combos are what count, time alone is not enough

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