Stage 23 completed but I can’t move to stage 24

Stage 23 completed but I can’t move to stage 24. I completed the final province number 11 on stage 23 and collected my loot and then clicked through the dialogue between the characters but The game will not allow me to move into stage 24. I am just stuck on stage 23. Please advise

There is no stage 24 at this time


Best Explanation Ever.
I am laughing out loud.

That is why the Characters told me to Rest and Take a Break!

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Translation:. Exactly :joy: there is no step 24 :joy::joy::joy: and it would be nice to continue this story now :hugs::hugs::hugs: and especially to put the possibility of gaining high level evolutionary items to allow us to move forward or Troops 3 and 4* :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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I’m about to enter Province 23 Stage 11 & glad I looked into this. I’m happy to “rest & take a break” lol I can spend time finishing season 2 & farming for more Provinces in the future. I can’t imagine they won’t eventually add more… right? Yikes, I can’t be nearing the end :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Thanks for posting here so I could read this thread. That was hilarious and I’m very glad @MissBettii saw the humour in it.

It just sounds like something I would have done and it cracked me up :joy::rofl:

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In our AMA session the lead dev, Tim, stated that they are working on Season 3, but there will be a gap before it’s released. I think we’ll be watching reruns until early 2020.

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Thank you @Kerridoc :blush: I honestly don’t mind as I’m working season 2 as well as farming so it’s all good.
Have a great day! :blush: