Stacking troops effect?

Hi all,
I’m new as a writer but been peeking at the forum from a while now

Just wondering something about troops I’d like to ask to the community:
What about stacking troop effect? I mean, fighting titans whit 2 heroes of the same colour I often find myself with 2 critical troops working togheter.
Does the critial percentages stack? Does the best take place? Or what?
Same for the damage. Let’s say I’m using a +13% and a +17% dmg troops, how does the damage output work?

Any info about it?

Sorry for mistakes, english clearly isn’t my main


I’m guessing it doesn’t stack. So this is probably a small drawback in using multiple heroes of the same color. At least for troops with critical hits.

Critical strike is per hero, and is calculated before the damage summation when you are running duplicate colors. No stacking as a result, just additional damage if either or both (or more) heroes crit.

I don’t see the drawback angle?

So, seeing a critical hit when using 2 heroes means it comes from hero A or hero B or possiibily both? I’m little bit confused on this point

That is exactly right actually.

Thanks Revelate for the infos

Guessing is the same with damage.
This means I need to figure out wich troops are better for titan fights

Lots of helpfully research and discussion on this question here:

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