Stacking Specials

Can someone please tell me how to know what specials will stack and what will not.


Thanks for the help sid

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Thank you. Hate to advertise my ignorance, lol, but could you or someone tell me what the special “stacking” means? Hope that makes sense.

Stacking means that the benefits (buffs) all add up on top of each other.

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I never know if I’ve made sense of a “what does X mean” question, but I’ll try:

When special’s effects “stack”, they pile up – add to one another – instead of overwriting one another.

For instance, consider Gravemaker’s special, causing (aside from direct damage) “burn” damage applied over several turns.

Stacking: Sartana’s special causes (aside from direct damage) “poison” damage applied over several turns. This stacks with Gravemaker’s “burn” damage, so the hapless target of both takes both their damages over several turns.

Not stacking: Azlar’s special causes (aside from direct damage) “burn” damage applied over several turns. This does not stack with Gravemaker’s “burn” damage, but replaces it – ends it – so the target of both must endure merely the damage (over several turns) from the last applied of these specials.


Thank you so much. So does "stacking have to be part of the heroes special power for that to work?

Thank you so much. Apologies for my ignorance.

It doesn’t need to specify, no – what stacks and what doesn’t isn’t always obvious, beyond what is specified, that undispellable effects protect against overwriting, and the general observation that sufficiently similar effects overwrite and sufficiently dissimilar effects stack; what’s not obvious is what is “sufficient” here.

If you’re thinking of S3 heroes’ (like Mireweave’s) “stack”, that’s just describes a special case, where multiple instances of the same special’s effects stack with themselves (and keep running until the end of the battle …), whereas they would otherwise overwrite earlier instances.

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Thank you so much. Mireweave was exactly what I was trying to ask about. Again, apologies for my poorly written inquiry.

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