Stacking special effects

I have question on whether the -defense of costume Gunnar would stack with -defense to ice of Nordri? Does any know?

I know that Tarlak specifically says it stacks, and a couple others.


If they have different symbols, they stack in almost every case.

So elemental Def down stacks with standard Def down.

Common examples would be Wilbur and falcon, buddy and Evelyn, Grimm and frida

Yes Gunnar stacks with Nordri.
If you look at the following thread by @DaveCozy it explains the various status buffs & ailments in the game and like the Bard stated if heroes apply the same symbol you should assume whoever cast it last will overwrite (with possible exceptions like if there is an undispellable poison from Jabberwock it won’t be overwritten by Proteus).

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Yes it does, same as Wilbur and Guardian Falcon combo.

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