Stacking question

I wonder if Wu & Boldtusk stack?

Yes, they stack.

Wu is an oddity. He will stack will Boldtusk, Kiril, Brieanne, Lancelot, Ares and whoever else buffs attack. But those that are not Wu, do not stack with eachother.

Goes great on Titans :grinning:

Goes great on titans? Really. I prefer BBQ sauce and does my Wu. ; )

Does any1 know if i can use my troops in the iventory coz i have about 9 pr 10 and cant do anything for my game

Yes, once you build Stonghold 10, you can convert a level-5 building (use a forge) to Barracks. Within the Barracks you built, you can feed troops to your good troops to level them up, increasing the buffs they give to the hero.