Stacking heroes needs to change. Try this:

I’ve played this game everyday for over a year and a half straight. Those of us that remain faithful to the evolution of this game can tell when SG adjusts the metrics or algorithms. One HUGE unethical issue that goes beyond the greed is the fact that there are obvious coding changes that go unannounced. I’ve been an avid gamer for over 25 years and this is the only game where I’ve invested so much time and money only to have essentially grown weaker due to SGs attempts to restrict power player stacking tactics to appeal to hungry noobs. No matter the tweaks, stacking makes strategy irrelevant. There is ZERO skill involved in this game now that it’s all comes down to a lucky board. Everyone stacks same colored heros and anyone is beatable. No matter if you’ve spent 0 or $10,000. Here’s an idea - Limit stacking to 3 heroes. The game would change for everyone across the board. Skill would become more powerful than luck. Players would have to use their brains instead of the “flee until you get the boards you want” that those at the top with endless pockets can do - which makes winning special events impossible for 99% of us.

This change in theory could balance out the differing opinions of players who are tired of being beat by paid heroes yet still make it possible to defeat the pay players with skill and not just an easy 5 stack of luck.

There are many great things about this game, which is why I still play it after all this time. I’m certainly not complaining about the ridiculous money SG makes. I fall prey to the gaming psychology - I’m simply hoping Empires and Puzzles doesn’t completely turn into a button mashing game. Give us loyal players what we deserve after so much time and money. A challenge.


This is who won the last special event. Where exactly is the skill in this type of play?



I wished I had (5) reds or greens that powerful.

no red or green board no bueno…

Limiting same color heroes to 3 on a team won’t change the fact that the same players will win events.


Actually stacking 5 takes more skill because if the board is bad you have to maneuver you tiles to salvage something. You have to constantly clear out tiles to get tiles of your color. You someone has endless pockets to keep fleeing so be it. I don’t and enjoy 5 stacking colors.

I get your frustration, but limiting hero stacking wouldnt change a thing.

  • If you limit stacking, refilling and fleing will still decide the vast majority of Events.

  • If you limit the amount of times you can play each stage, you replace skill with luck

The only way to make it “fair” would be if everybody played with exactly the same board, exactly the same heros, exactly the same troops, exactly the same number of allowed attempts and with exactly the same amount of consumables.

But I’m fairly sure people would still cry outrage.

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I don’t think prevent stacking is a good idea, or viable. What about ALL heroes with elemental link? Colour buff o debuff? Heroes like Mok-Arr? Will become useless.
Also it doesn’t matter if you have one of each colour or 5 reds, a bad board still is a bad board. You could plan a lot and draw a mastermind strategy but without the tiles (luck, RNG, etc…) you are toasted.
What have to be done here is to rethink and to modify EVERYTHING about current events structure and prizes.

You mean Mok-Arr is not useless already? :smiley:

I think that the top tier loot and bottom tier loot is highly unbalanced, catering to those who DO have the money for 100’s of WE refills that they’re just wasting on fleeing.

That’s why I’m happy to sit in the lower ranks and collect my extra flasks, without worrying about trying to compete.

I understand they’ll never nerf stacking. It would be too much of a change to the game to quickly. And YES, it would dramatically change game play. Im not talking about taking stacking away completely. I’m speaking of quintuple stacking. Skill is not involved at all with a etup like that. Only luck. Mok-Arr is useless regardless IMO LOL - As for the events - SG needs to limit the amount of times you can go in and try to get a better score (like they do with revenging in raids). That would keep the players with deep pockets from always winning with their “flee til I get the score I want” non skilled play …of course SG would make less money. So that idea is useless too.

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