Stacking hero specials

I would like to find out who stacks specials with who…example does Alasie stack with kiril and magni. Is there a link or other spreadsheet

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Is there a way to notice or find out during battles if they stack?

If a effect stack with another one you’ll see both on your card when they are activated.
If effects doesn’t stack then the new effect will replace the older one.

Different effects stacks and only minions stack between them (up to 3).
(Elemental Link and +Defense stack)
(Elemental Link and +Attack stack)
(Gambler’s Stance and +Attack stack)
(Spirit Link and +Defense stack)
(Elemental debuff and -Defense stack)

While effects that do the same thing as Brienne’s and Boldtusk’s buff doesn’t stack.


Well, actually the last one is a bad example, because Brienne and Boldtusk do not stack although their buffs are not equal. For instance, Boldtusk does stack with Wu. Although all three mentioned heros increase attack, all three do it in a slightly different way.

They do the same thing: their buff only increase attack.

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