Stacked classes vs. not-so stacked classes

It looks like figuring out which Rangers, Wizards, and Fighters to feed emblems to is going to be a Sophie’s Choice situation…

Rangers: Alasie, Lianna, Athena, Evelyn, Greg, Red Hood, and Khagan. Crazy that Red Hood is on the low end in this group!

Wizards: Sartana, Hel, Zeline, Guin, Isarina, Victor and Onatel? The Zeline/Guin choice alone will break some folks.

Fighters: Magni, Panther, Misandra, Delilah, Yunan, Elena, Sargasso. 4 really tough heroes at the top here.

And then there’s the Barbarians, of whom Gravemaker is the only? obvious? choice… Maybe Azlar? (Azlar, Obakan, Kong, Kestrel, Mok Ar, Gravemaker)

And Sorcerers? Is there a single one that isn’t a niche hero? (Qunius, Locke, Morgan, Rumple, Mitsuko, Nat, Thoth)

I’m not exactly following the logic of the distribution at the moment.


There are too many classes to begin with. Imo every class should contain 3 regular 5* and the number of classes should be reduced to meet this criteria (yes, one can have 2 or 4). As it is you can’t enjoy this new feature unless you have stack of hotm/atlantis/event heroes.

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Can you only see this stuff when the character is maxed? I don’t have any maxed 5*. I’m wondering what Kageburado is? ive got him at 4.60 currently

He’s a rogue. I don’t think we will see it until everyone has the update though

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Ahhh that makes sense. Thanks @NPNKY

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I’m using @Mariamne’s excellent image which you too can see in the thread below:


ohhhh he turned out barbarian! WAY better

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Better for the game, worse for Kageburado. There’s now serious competition for those Barbarian emblems (with Gravemaker). Wound, though, is much less useful than Dodge.


Yes, sorcerer is really… strange.
I almost think Quintus is one of the best, as all the others are DoT, umpredictable, or not really good too.

Great class with the worse choices.

Ahh didnt think of that. Though i only have 3 5*s in my roster currently so the extra dmg sounds pretty good when it’s my only barbarian.

I’m not totally upset about ascending Quintus now… he will get my Sorcerer blems for sure. Especially considering I don’t have any other sorcerers lol

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i like the idea of AOE to go throw defens and counter… more chances to happen… for my red :wink:

Still, even firing a +20 Athena into an Elena is like this:


I agree. I’m F2P and only have 20 or so trained heroes at the moment, and for most classes only 1 good one.

This is literally the only party I could put together for Trials of Fortitude (cleric and druid):

I still beat the first 2 stages, but that sure was a loooooong boss battle

I’m lucky I have so many clerics. On the other hand, my only Ranger is Berden, and my only Sorcerors are Graymane and Skittleskull…

Remarkably similar to the best I could do, just sub a 1/1 Melia for Kailani and lower everyone’s levels… needless to say I’m not inclined to bother.

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