Stack ninja tower flags & give one free flask

Ninja tower needs to stack flags so that we can play it whenever we want instead of every day during event.
Today I was in lvl 18 NT and my battery suddenly died. Am I now forced to buy 1 flask for 50 gems to finish NT? That seems to be the case. Please give away 1 flask like in first NT and like WE flask in every Event.

If the flags would stack, i prolly would play more than one stage

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I would appreciate having all 50 flags up front too. Those last few levels are atrocious and time consuming and I’d rather spend my Sunday enjoying my day off with a beer or a hike than half of it playing the final 10 levels of the Tower, lol. Not that that’s going to happen (when was the last time SG actually listened to its player base), but one can dream. :slight_smile:


Haven’t figured out that’s ALL the game is about ! Someone has to buy their boats, planes and trains.!
I’ve lost count how many hero’s I have (7-8 ?) needing to be ascended because they don’t have to be where you can win a pair of gloves only buy in a package costing $20 to $99… 5* hero’s have to be bought as well as about half the 4*hero’s
(The good ones!). Are you seeing a pattern I did /do! For me there’s no question about it. You’re free to conclude what you will of course.

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What about when they’ve put trainers in portals or the formations beta?

Anyways, I think the flags should definitely stack. I like the idea of getting a few each day rather than all at once, though. And I would also love if the tower got shorter. The way it is now, I don’t really bother.

Hey SG,
Why dont you give players a free tower energy flask like you give a free world energy for monthly challenge events ?

I think player wouls really appreciate this small gift, a tower energy flask every 2 months is not too much
ninja tower is a very long and hard event, and we need to use the 10 energy every day, if we miss 1 we cant complete it
would be nice to have free tower energy flask especially for players who have a limited roster and may fail at some level

For the first ninja tower event we were provided a tower flask, for this second event we have not.

Having only enough tower energy to complete the event if all 10 levels are played each day, without missing or failing any level is an unreasonable expectation for Free to Play (FTP) players.

Please provide one free flask in the mail.

I agree that this would be nice as a CTP. This will certainly drive a bigger gulf in rankings between those that spent money on the event and those that did not. Having said that, us FTP/CTP do not have to finish all 50 floors to be eligible for the rankings, but we will miss out on the final completion loot if we are unable to clear all 50 floors.

Remarkable there were some that had completed the event less than 5 hours into the event as they must have had several flasks from the last Ninja Tower.

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cmon SG, give us a free tower flask
ninja tower is a very long and hard event if you dont have a large roster

we cant stack energy, its hard to complete daily 10 lvl during 5 days as we cant auto play
a free flask every 2 months isnt too much, dont be greedy

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