Stack Autoplay

Proposal: New feature which allows you to stack autoplay. When you click on the autoplay icon a new icon appears that has a plus and minus button. The plus will add to the number of times the level will be autoplayed. If you increase this value above zero then after loot is awarded the level begins agains with the same hero roster and set to autoplay. This continues until the counter goes back to zero.

Pros: Massive lifestyle boost by not having to babysit your phone while trying to autoplay levels.

Cons: Slight reduction in the value of loot tickets but not complete loss of value as they drastically speed up level farming. This may cost SG money so they would not be for it maybe.

Argument For: Let’s be honest, this game sometimes becomes a grind. Especially during Atlantis Rising and the Challenge Events. Too often I’m trying to relax and watch a movie at night after the kids are asleep and I’m having to babysit my phone, periodically checking to see if my heroes have beat S2: 9-8 during Atlantis Rising (takes forever). This feature would just let my phone spend the next hour doing this mundane farming without any attention from me. This feature would be a nice lifestyle upgrade.

Or if SG wants to, maybe let this feature be unlocked after a player reaches level 40. At that point the player has “paid their dues” and should be afforded this increase in lifestyle.

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