St. Valentines day


You can create chars to international holidays and run events not only for ZERO.

I notice, that it doesn’t depends how great new char You have, or how many of 5*.
You will start to win something just after all your heroes became upgraded to there top. And for that You need not just to buy gloves, and not just to open crystals. You need time. And if You pay more, time is going longer.
I spent near 10000 crystals just for an upgrade of buildings, and it doesn’t give results. You can’t be here donator or somebody long and strong, You must to be WAITER( from the word wait)
Events can’t be closed, if Your heroes is not on top, even if You bought all battle items.

Make please weekly events, where everyone can take a part of Olympus.
And add allready training heroes to training house.its awful to create hole day long 1 and 2* heroes and level up for 2-3 points a day


Wait, you’re complaining about who join this game earlier has an advantage?

Actually, many rpg works like this.


Welcome to “Empires & Patience”. If you are look for a fast-paced game where you will be competing in the top ranks after a month or two, I’d suggest you should find a different game.


I’m not the only one who notice the walls


No one deny it, but it’s all intended to “prevent” big spenders to buy their way to the top in little to no time. (Or in the other sense, allow free to play gamers to enjoy a little of competitiveness)

What Kerridoc is saying is that this game is like a Marathon.
You want to run it like it was a 100m dash, but it still a Marathon and you can’t take many shortcuts.

If you are not ready to play for a long time and sweat your way to the top, then you have to quit it now and play something more cash and win related.


wait, what does that rant have to do with Valentines Day? and why should we celebrate a made-up hallmark holiday?

Now a Valentine’s Day Massacre themed event I could get behind, being from Chicago and all.

Capone is definitely the 5* boss at the end.


DUDE…italian mobster themed heros…
Al Capone
Fire class

Special attack charge speed Average
Name: Prohibition

300% damage to 3 characters.
Chance to miss 30% two side characters
300 damage over 6 turns
Applies 30% chance to miss on caster for 6 turns.


I need a tonic for 2 months and I’m waiting for a tonic … now that they’re rare it’s fine but what the hell is not too much, what bothers me is that I bought 5 green ascension packages and I did not even give one … 3000 gems … we talk about 30 euros not peanuts, the truth that makes me turn balls is the case in this game, if I spend money because I want to be powerful then I’m good to have 4100 power, I’m fine that a 3500 destroys me … it has always been a universal law that power wins. when a man with a gun meets a man with a log, the man with the gun is dead … the law of the jungle? yes thanks … senno was enough to say before that things were so and one does not spend anything and remains low … 4100 with troops to 20 loses with 3500 and troops to 5? ok then I call it scam at my house …


Perhaps you’ve just put together a bad team that is easy to beat?


marjana thoth musashi perseo alberich


If that’s how you’ve arranged them, then it’s a bad team.


I have almost the exact team accept I have Joon for my yellow… I have recently swapped out my lv 70 percious for lv 70 kiril. I’ve been winning a lot more raids. The extra buff for heals and power/defence gives the heavy hitters a longer chance to get that extra damage out to turn the tables…