Ssnake's Individual Hero analysis for War Defense

Hey all,
Now that I’ve wrapped up the healer editions of each war type, I am working on providing you with individual hero stats for how effective they were during my war defense study. I will post them all here to keep things neat. I hope you enjoy them and that they give you some visual insight on how each hero can best be used (and where to avoid using them).



First up, Alfrike!




Onatel is done!


Excellently done.
Easyly to understand and very well researched. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you Elayanith!

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Keep up the great work, our alliance r fans


Don’t let the fame and money spoil you! Stay forever the same


Hahaha! @Kenji69666
I have neither of those two things so all is well!

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Great content as usual awesome job @Ssnake . is it time for springvale heroes just before the event ends?


Thanks for your work on these!


Great Idea @Zakyus! I have 2 more in the hopper, then perhaps ill do one or two of those.

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@Ssnake Thanks for putting in the work to put these together. Just earlier, I was reading a question where the answer given, while correct may not have been the best advice.

I discounted the value of Alfrike at first but now love her. Agrafena, the relationship, is over. I loathe the magic mana charge as it doesn’t work in rush attacks. That same 12.5 tiles charges at the same speed where ever. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Kadilen and Kadilen Costume head to head and against the averages!


This is great work… Thank you!


Very interesting again.

Do you know how many of your regular Kadilens had actually a costume but were used as regular?
Assumptuion: none
This makes the comparison sligthly uneven since CKadilen is better than Kadilen even if she is not using her costume.

I still think your analysis gives an accurate picture of the situation but it seems that it is impossible to include soft facts. Like on average I would assune that a team with CKadilen has stronger heros over all in it since it is more difficult to assemble and shows a player playing for a longer time or spending more money compared to the average player. Exceptions always possible. :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea how emblems quantity and distribution impacts your analysis?

Thanks again for all you time and work you have put into this analysiy. I believe it shows the trends of strength and weaknesses of the shown heros very well!


Hi @Elayanith, thanks for the comment.
I share your assumption that in the cases where regular Kad was used, there was likely no costume bonus and would not have benefited from the bonus. I do not think I encountered any cases where someone actually chose to use the regular version over the Costumed version for this hero. In version 1 which I am reporting on now, I did not record whether they had these bonuses just like I did not care to add LB when it was introduced in the middle of the study. Version 2 will include regular/costume bonus/costume versions.
As for assuming that having a costumed Kadilen a team means it is surrounded by other stronger heroes, I can assure you it is not the case. I’ve got teams full of S1 with a single high impact hero embedded. Anyone who is FTP can also obtain these elite heroes and they will certainly put them on the field. Regarding emblem distribution, I did track that initially but found that over 90% of all heroes on the field were max emblems (or 19/20) so I didn’t bother with that stat anymore.

You are correct though that there are many variables to the equation, and I simply could not examine every thread to tug on. It is important for smart thinkers like yourself to approach my information critically, and understand that this is only a piece of the puzzle that I can can provide. You will have to make certain assumptions and decide how much weight to give those assumptions. Again, I thank you for the time you took to write, your thoughts, and for watching my video. Cheers!


Is Guinevere really dead?


A couple of things I have been wondering - how much your war defense analyses are a reflection of
you alliance’s relative strength - ie stronger heroes/defenses might not feature prominently in the analyses because they are more prevalent in stronger alliances.
Also, the fact that these analyses might be substantially a reflection of last year’s meta (eg elizabeth tanks prevalent) rather than an accurate reflection of the current state (eg xnolphod tanks).

I am really enjoying this series, and it has given a lot of food for thought!

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@Domdom, the study was carried out completely within the same alliance, so yes, the level of our alliance and the alliances that we faced were pretty constant throughout. We do not reach to the top, nor the bottom. We sat between the high 200’s and as low as 700 for global ranking, so hardly far separated from the top 100. Certainly some members at this level are FTP and do not own the latest and shiniest heroes but have been around long enough to have gotten lucky enough times to put forward decent teams. Many are considered whales and could very well be referred to as hero collectors. The biggest difference between us and the top 100 I think is the consistency of maxed out troops to be honest, and then heroes.

For the current meta state, no it is not captured and how could it when the goal is to get enough data to find out where the average sits. It is always changing, and continuous release of new heroes compounds the problem. I am collecting for version 2, so you will see changes. Version 2 will also contain info from different levels of alliances thanks to some other keen and fine folks such as @Saltyy and @BlueHair who are contributing. I do not think the version 1 data is irrelevant though; it is good to know where those settle, and once the new heroes are assessed, we will see where they stack up (with power creep, I’m fairly certain near the top for some). You see, it is hard to find a line. If you want current as of today, then just look at your last war logs. It will be as current as it gets, but also extremely unreliable due to a good or bad war for the heroes on the field.

I’m glad you enjoy them, and keep in mind, all this info I give is not to be the complete solution but rather a piece of information that you might not have had to help you make decisions. Thanks for your comment!