Ssnake's Equalizer War Defense

All, as promised, here is the next video in the series. This one is on War Equalizer, just in time for this weekend!


Thanks, @Ssnake! Got notes taken already :slight_smile:

I’m already seeing results from the overview video. I don’t have enough data specifically to say today’s war is significantly better for me overall yet, but it’s definitely far better for my defense than last war. We were switching to purple tanks this month anyhow. I put c.Rigard in tank. My yellows are still developing, but I had limit broken D’Andre +20 ready and Mist +20 (limit broken, but still getting her extra levels). I put them both on flank. Once I get another non-healer good yellow candidate, I’ll try single healer. :slight_smile:

Anecdotaly, it’s helping my raid defense too. I had set my raid defense to have the same team as my war defense. I just hit Diamond for the first time a few days after watching your first video - I think maybe Sunday night this week?. I assumed I’d get knocked back down to Platinum that night. Instead, I’ve won enough raids that I haven’t dropped down to platinum at all.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to applying your findings this coming war!

@BlueHair I’m glad you are enjoying these and that it is getting you to think outside the normal box. Keep a log going about your defense teams, only after many observations will it become clear if it is working or not. We all know good and bad boards happen so you want a large sample to average it out. Keep fighting the good fight, I’ll be working on getting you and everyone else the rest of the stats soon. Cheers!

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I’m curious who the healers at tank have been and if there is a success rate difference among them? My first thought was Xnolphod is a common tank and a good tank, so is single healer driven by Xnolphod success? Then you mentioned your alliance doesn’t do dark tanks. So what color did you do?

Essentially I’m curious if specific heroes drive metrics.


Ruskin, actually with the success of Xnolphod as a tank, the gap might be even bigger than depicted. The last set of data entered into this was in mid November. Xnol, due to his relatively recent introduction into the game, only accounts for 1 of those 237 observations for this criteria. These stats are essentially pre-Xnol boom, so you can see that “lesser healers” were able to do the business without him. I am doing a version 2 of this study, so in time I will have more data on Xnol and other more recent heroes. I suspect that this trend of healer at Tank being top rated will be more pronounced with his success. Hope this helps.


I’m also curious about the one healer at tank portion. Typically these are the defences I love to hit most as they can be a tile dump. Do you have data about difference between single healer tank being overhealer/ heal plus damage Vs general healer?


@Kilted Sure do, but it will take me an immense time to go through the entire sheet and find occurrences that are Equalizer, have one healer at tank, and then split them into the different types. I just don’t have that at hand right now. What I can give you right now is how each of those healer groups does as a tank in equalizer wars (the difference is it includes all formation types with these healers, not specifically “1 healer at tank” formations). It’s the best I can do at the moment.

Remember, average survivability rate for all defense teams in Equalizer is 27.6%.
For equalizer wars where the healer at tank is:

  1. a general healer - 33.99%
  2. Heal + Damage - 30.5%
  3. Overhealers - 33.58%

They are all very close as you can see and all above average. I know you really want to know Anzogh though. Saw him only 3 times as a tank in Equalizer, but those teams killed it. 47.1%. Expect that number to come down, but that is 3 solid performance in a war type that favours the attacker. Cheers.


Lol yeah I do love my Anzogh :rofl: I’m normally actually a flank/ flank healer with him and LotL.

This is great info you’re providing.


@Kilted You may want to try him at tank. However, I know that it is important to conform to your alliance’s designated tank colour if your alliance does run one, it may not be possible to try. For those that did though, Anzogh performed well.


Your point about healers at tank not being as exciting is well noted. I keep trying to find reasons to swap Kunchen out for someone else just because I’m bored with him! Killhare may replace him for the equalizer war knowing that no healers does pretty well.

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yup that is important to know also, what healers? can it be generalized as all healers or there is a small data set of them that will work, i.e. does Melendor and Kunchen have the same success rate?

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@Andrewbook I’m not convinced Killhare is the best option for Tank. She has done poorly in that position pretty much across the board but excels as Flank/Wing. The reason for this I think is that her special reduces the defence on the other allies and that means they are easy pickings. By putting her on the Wing though, it doesn’t matter as much because once the attackers get to her, your Tank and possibly flanks are already dead anyways. Her attack is fairly strong hitting all enemies but it is not tough enough to outright kill a fresh one. This is another reason she’s good on the wing (and to a lesser extent, Flank) where by the time Killhare fires, the enemies are already hurt a bit and she may be able to wipe them clean or at least take a couple out completely. I know that if you are running darks at tank, you may not be able to put killhare on the wing depending on your alliance rules (must be rainbow? must have X colour in X position?) and although she is a killer hero, I personally think she is misplaced at the center spot.

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@egeovannyam When I finish the different war types, I will start pounding out individual heroes. You’ll be able to make those comparisons easily. I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but they will come.

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cool, keep up the good work


Watched the video, thank you for providing a breakdown on equalizer.


@JackSprat Thanks for watching this one too JackSprat!
Attack Boost is next to put together and I should have it ready before that war type starts up as well.

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Yeah, I just realized I wasn’t clear about placement! I wouldn’t put her at tank, but rather sub her in for Kunchen as my dark. That probably leaves me with Devana at tank though, which might work with her minion as buffer. CB Khagan doesn’t make much sense in an equalizer war…
I do want to try the dark/holy flank-tank. Maybe CB Lianna-Kunchen-Devana-Killhare-C Thorne.

Anyway, thinking out loud here :slight_smile:

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To which of these groups will Gullinbursti belong? He does both.

@H.V Hi and thanks for you comment that is a good reminder that it is difficult to draw solid lines as there are some fuzzy areas due to the extremely diverse skill sets. I’d personally put him into Overhealers between the two as I feel the damage is secondary within his special but fortunately I did not have to choose. Gullinbursti has never been used as a tank in Equalizer wars during the data collection period. You would be hard pressed to find any cases of it as nobody seems to use holy as a tank colour anymore, at least not at our level. As mentioned in my first video though, members of our alliance will sometimes do a holy tank flanked by two darks (or vice versa), so I do have some instances in the study where a holy tank was observed, but Gullinbursti was not one of them. Regards.

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I’m curious about how you do your data collection:

  • Is it purely manual w/r/t recording the heroes in each defense?
  • I assume you’re using some form of OCR tool to record the hit data… (I use an ex-7D players’ tool that he created on Azure. Me and a handful of others chip in a small amount to cover the monthly cost, because it’s a HUGE time saver.)

Regardless, a suggestion for the format of your database: I gather you’re currently doing something like choosing one category from a list of “non-healer,” “overhealer,” “damage/healer,” and “normal healer.” If that’s right, I’d recommend the following: Rather than designating a single category for each hero, use many columns with “yes/no” or “0/1” outcomes. It’ll make it a lot easier to sort/filter to come up with various cross-sections of data. (And it’ll enable you to do analysis of other categories too, beyond just healers, obviously.)

(Edits: Various, as I thought of more/better ways to say what I wanted to say, as well as formatting improvements. This parenthetical brought to you by procrastination and caffeine! :rofl:)