Squirrel Squad - South African Alliance (or similar time zone)

A new alliance of Squirrels is looking for more Squirrels to join.

We are a very organised alliance of skilled War and Titan fighters. War is our main entertainment. We are happy to take any players level 50 and upward, but will only keep fully committed players who have a good knowledge of their own heroes, will use their titan flags, and be on time for all required war activities.

We’re a tight-knit friendly, sociable and likeable group, but will not put up with laxness for very long. If you’re in an alliance and frustrated about it being a bit too casual, then come and join us. PM me with any questions you have or send a request.

Be a Squirrel! You know you want to.

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Bumping for recruits.

We are 11 fully-active members at the moment. We’re falling just short of 9* titans.
We’ve won 7 out of 8 wars so far.
Our optional friendly intra-alliance raid battle tournament is starting up.
We have ‘boasting Friday’ for anyone who wants to crow about achievements.
We also have optional Friday night Raid Rush for getting as many of our alliance to the top of the local leaderboard.
At least two of our members are actual bears posing as squirrels.

Bump 4 ya :smiley:

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You’re a darling.
20 squirrels

I Might just come visit you guys after the next MT Event ends !!

Level 66 - 4660 TP - 30 Maxed 5* and I have Nuts :chestnut: :chestnut: :chestnut:

But I don’t play on weekends :frowning:

Dont know how to PM you lol… I have a question :laughing:

Fire away!
20 questions

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