Squire wabbits kicking himself in the foot basicly

I love the squire wabbit for a three star, he does great damage, but then does negative defense to himself, which if a person or character hits him he’s basicly dead and done for in the first round. Even a different attack would do it like debuffing, or all enemies get hit, even if it gets taken out. I like him its just he hurts himself, and dies no matter who you have to heal him.

If you have Aeron, his special will eliminate that damage . just use it in the correct order.

I have areon, but a 3 star team for challenge events is what he’s used for basically

I didn’t try get the rabbits when they came out as everyone was complaining about the debuff and lack luster overall stats. Later they were buffed to have fast attacks and improved stats. I now wish I had tried for the bunnies, and I will tell you why.

They are among the strongest attackers despite being glass cannons. In war and raids you will usually face armor debuffs anyway, and the bunnies 20% can’t be dispelled or overwritten with a stronger one. So in effect, while a negative it is a positive in many respects as well.

Nashgar has the weakest native defense of a 3-star red at 366, Squire has 382 and 306 debuffed for 3 turns. Squire has the highest atk stat of the group and a huge 355% fast special. I agree it is a trade off character, but you don’t get the dubuff until you have used at least one special attack so he truly lives up to glass canon status.

I look at the rabbits like Wu Kong, a strong attack upside with a negative that compensates for the power. Sometimes it will pay off big like when you chain hits, or when the bunny doesn’t get targeted several turns in a row. Other times you will be frustrated when misses chain or bunny gets focus fired. (Note: I am not saying bunnies are as powerful as Wu, I’m just comparing the design aspect being similar.)

Now in events it can be a little trickier as one prefers to keep him alive, so one needs to prioritize healing potions while he his under debuff. But if he does die, one still has the strongest tile damage available from a 3-star red.

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Gotta say that Squire is awesome. My favorite three star, no questions asked. Today i learned that if you team up Squire with Gato and use gato skill first, Squire is immune to it’s self harming skill.

This little bugger is insane hitter. Fast mana and huge damage 355%. Makes enemy very dead :slight_smile:

His skill was hard to raise 8/8… When i maxed him, his skill was only 5/8. But i kept pushing and fed him about 100 different heroes and wasted tons of food… nothing happened. I became even more obsessed and fed him another set of 1-3* heroes, this time all red ones. That helped. Now he’s 50lvl 8/8 and i’m dang happy.

What troops are u using with him and what level is the troops?

Use Gunnar … :smiley:

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What about Gato with Squire Wabbit for rare tier events?

It’s a combination wich prevent Squire Wabbit’s status effect to take place if Gato’s special is active on him but for now it could be helpful just for the event’s completion as the best strategy to place on events’ leaderboard is to use 5 heroes of the same element.

Squire Rabbit is red, Gato is blue.

Do you mean it is not helpful?

The combination sure is helpful to remove Squire Wabbit’s downside but events works better with monochrome teams, so while it could help with completion it would be unlikely to be into the leaderboard with them.

Also, Gato’s defensive effect wouldn’t be of any help on the top10 / top100 perfect run as they end without getting ever hitted once.

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It’s exactly the problem here: we are talking about competing for top 10/50 positions or all the rest?

Top 10/50 require monochrome and never get damage.

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