Squire Wabbit will not max out

So, as the title suggests. He is at 3rd Ascension, Max Level 50,but the level up button is still lit. If I try to level up, it will take a 1/2* hero, but nothing changes, and the offered hero does not disappear. The stats are:
Ascension Level 3
Level 50
Power Level 427
A/D/H 538/382/608

And I think I found the problem as I type; Special skill is not max, only 6 of 8.
How does that work? How do I improve just the special sill? Every other hero the SS has maxed out well before bring fully ascended.

Is this a glitch?

Not a glitch, but a common problem with 3* heroes. You can continue to feed him until the special goes up - however, this can take some time.
But you say the offered hero does not disappear? Actually, he should gobble them up… are you sure?

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The 1st one did, but the 2nd one did not. I’ll try it again when I get a red…

Yes it did now disappear. IMO, this is something that SHOULD NOT happen. Especially with an event hero. Needs to be fixed please.

It’s been argued as long as I’ve been playing that once a hero’s level has been maxed, the chance for the special to increase should improve. Sadly, there’s been no change.
Eventually, if you keep on feeding him, it will increase.

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