Squad help - utility bench build and optimal Defence

Looking for advice from experienced players on what heroes to keep and focus on. Also would love to hear how you would set up my defence team - currently Rigard, Magni, Kash, Bold, Joon (likely Integrate kageburado and possibly Marjana when levelled). I am levelling up a squad for war and utility so incrementally increasing the top 50 heroes and levelling 3* for events and tourneys as well. Please help me with any thoughts you have on who I should prioritise/get rid of/stop levelling. I’m using 10 block same colour levelling. With so many permutations and “niche utility” heroes - I want to keep my options open but not to the detriment of getting the most value out of my heroes through levelling well. Thanks in advance for any help/tips!

Ok in my honest opinion I would keep all of your 4* and 5* heroes- two of everything won’t hurt.
With regards to your 3*, I would consider keeping three teams of five and feed the rest. For your current 3* I would keep:
Yellow 3* = Bane, Arman, Amelia
Blue 3* = Valen, Gunnar, Gato
green 3* = Hisan, Belith, Berden, Brianne
Red 3* = Namahage, Hawkmoon, 2nd Namahage
Purple = Balthazar, Gill-Ra, 2nd Balthazar
For your current 4*, I would focus on max levelling:
Boldtusk,Rigard, Wilbur, Kiril, Grimm, Tiburtus, Wu Kong, Sonya, Caedmon. They should get you the mats for your 5* levelling
For your current 5* bench, I would say Kageburado is a must as is Ranvir … then wait to see what else you pull.
Good luck .


I think Muggy should also hold a 3* spot. He can be a game changer in the 3* tournaments

And Menesseus is a baby Caedmon. So definitely hold on to him.

Concentrate on getting maxed 3/4* too. They will help you immediately. Leveling 5* can be a long slog, lots of feeders and AM’s. You could max and emblem 4* much faster and this would help you get the ascension materials needed for your 5*. I’d suggest several 3/4* rainbow teams. This will give you a solid punch in AW and fighting Titans.

Good Luck!! You have a great roster. May RNGesus give you all the AM’s you need.


I’ve notice some duplicate teams on event leaderboards like Gato4 or Namahage4 - I imagine it will be really unlikely that I’ll rank top 100. I’ve kept some slow mana 3s for the turbo mana raid tourneys. I can see some value in finishing top 5% regularly so I want to keep them. Defo agree on the 15 you have prioritised though. Thanks for the help

I haven’t played muggy yet (I fed him a few times prior to the recent acquisition) - I struggled to visualise how his special would work so stuck with the obvious ones

Finish boldtusk, wilbur kiril, grimm, tiburtus, rigard, wu Kong. Those heroes I recommend to finish ASAP. They will be force in war and most in titans

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Thoughts on Wu versus Ranvir? (Guess the AMs won’t make it worthwhile to max Ranvir for a while)

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If you’re not facing 12 or higher titans no point to lvl ranvir in my opinion. He is the last one from your yellow 5 stars l, I would level. And 2 ranvirs I highly recommend not to level for sure, but as I said first wu, my alliance are fighting 8-9 lvl titans and wu works ok

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In my honest opinion I would max Wu Kong first. And then Ranvir.


Would you feed the 2nd Ranvir to someone else then?

To himself …

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No, while you don’t have full squad of 5stars.
This game constantly changes, you never know how Finns can buff him in future also there will be skins for heroes, which will make them different also hero academy, so just keep him in roster

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Wu isn’t THAT far off and will max faster. 5* often take forever to really surpass 4* and even then it’s not always a huge wow factor. Depends on who you’re talking about.


What are your views on best defence team?

What thoughts on best defence team?

You are spreading yourself too thin in general. Ascend a solid rainbow 4* + 1-3 specialists and then back fill.

Anyway, with what I’m seeing I’d go with something like:

Tiburtus: Direct/Splash + Def Down Pulverizer
Kiril: Attack/Defense Buff + healing
Kash: Tank specialist + healing
BT: Tanky + Attack buff & healing
Li Xiu: Hits all with mana control

Tibs and Kiril are both solid all-arounders. Kash is a meat magnet for tiles. BT is a solid second tank. Li is good on the edge for defense. Plus, enemies will throw red tiles at Kash. Those tiles will charge BT and Kiril along with weak hits. If Kash gets his special off, those hits will be even weaker.

Early like this—no one very strong—having three healers and attack buffs probably buys you your best chance at survival until you max a team.

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The hard choices for you will be which 1-3 specialists to ascend along with your primary rainbow attack/defense team.

If your Team 1 for farming, raiding, and levels is:


You could ascend Kash, Kiril, Tibs, and Li Xiu for your Defense team.

That gives you a cleaner/healer in Rigard, another pulverizer so you can pair colors for damage if needed, a sniper in Caedmon (who dispels buffs), and Wu for stacking attack buffs.

The only other specialist to contemplate right now is Wilbur for titans and difficult AW fights.

If you focused on all 10 and reorganized your teams, you’d have a strong primary attack and defense, a small color stack in blue, purple, yellow, and green, and decent cleanup teams for AW.

Lance could be brought in eventually once BT is maxed. Colen, too, for a Defense PITA.


Rigard (3.42) - Magni (2.40) - Kash (3.43) - Boldtusk (3.41) - Joon (2.40)
All heroes not yet maximum… and does not have advantage, because those are not up to tier 4 yet, specially *5 heroes (need AM and more feeder), best way is focus on *4, because more cheaper and fast to level. *4 4.70 is more stronger then *5 3.70 (using the same material).

You have good rosters, and have many defense tank candidate like: Boril, Kasshrek, BT, Rigard.
I suggest (just like others said), not spreading leveling, we should focus in one color on each project plan leveling. We level *4 until the wall in level 3.60, then next project, if we have mats and the heroes is good then ascend.

IMO, defense alternative like this:
Caedmon - BT - Boril - Li Xiu - Rigard
Melendor - BT - Boril - Tiburtus - Li Xiu


If you are on gold arena, you don’t really need to rush to get higher, at least that was my strategy, I didn’t care what was my defense as long I stayed in gold, once I got like 3 full rainbow teams with 4 stars. Once I can choose heroes against current opponent, not just finding the one I can beat, meanwhile spending a lot of meat. In opposite if you have for example avarage def. Team you can just go after revenge, and it’s free.
But in future to go to platinum, you can choose. For tank you have some decent material like boril, kasrek, buldtusk, also wilbur, sonya, rigard all of them can be decent centers for platinum once fully leveled
I would choose
Cadenon, wilbur/boldtusk, boril, tiburtus/ rigard, li xiu/chao
That’s bigining, in future rana can be your tank with flanks kageburado and sartana, that’s already scary :wink:
But focus on 4 and 3 star heroes, the ones from my previous post, they will help you a lot even when you will have bunch of fully leveled 5 stars


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