Spys in your Castles!

If you didn’t notice … we have spys in our castles.
I think Devs recruits them to report us to them.

We need new building to be our intellegnces to improve our TC heros skills maybe or to reward us basting the Devs spys at least :stuck_out_tongue:


Just remember to click on them daily, that will turn them to friendlies :sunglasses:

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I will need a new building as Jail to lock those in :stuck_out_tongue:


spys? what will they do ?

Dunno thats why they are spys.
Catch the one in your fort and ask him :stuck_out_tongue:

:(((( im sure they do something that training camp result always 3star heros !!!


Nah, they’re a refugee.

then refugees that become 3star hero :smile:

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I asked mine and he said devs told him to make sure I am not getting Joon or Azlar any sooner.

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jooooooooon :sob: :sob:

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Then this bridge ends in North Korea ! :rofl:

:smile: pooooor north corea

Can i give them something from my iron storage, to make them disappear win-win situation :smiley:

Or they may steal your iron them selves and still working for devs aginest you :thinking:

He mean this one
And this one too

Those bridges are for the spys of the devs, they spy on us and tell the devs which TC we run so they make sure we aint getting good heroes from TC20.

@sirfightsalot1 Sounds like you’re talking about the bridges pointed out in @Jedon ‘s screenshots (Nice screenshot of the spy, @Jedon! Definitely needs to go in the ridiculous complaints thread! :laughing:), these are just…there. Perhaps for future expansion?? Maybe just to make things look pretty. Not sure, but at this time there is no way to go farther outside the walls around the castle. Sorry :tired_face:

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Well you can ask @Rook to move my thread to yours
Spys in your Castles!
If you like that I really don’t mind :smile:

@LadySuzanne was talking about my screenshots @Rook she likes them.
So if she wants them into her post I think it will be easier to merge my thread there than movibg a comnent.
Dunno what you can do tbh.

Those are not spies.
Those are just books.
(3rd grade joke)

On another level, I love the foggy water color man.
Reminds me of Mediterranean Sea.

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