Sprosstal Tournament is ridiculous difficult and impossible to win

Really, are you serious?! With a team close to 3500, Dragonstorm, Meteorites, role of wonders, etc. I failed 5 (!) times in the end with those 3 giant rabbits - after not losing one game on my way to the last level - my little brother has no chance to get there by any means with a team of more than 3400+ using the same tools - seriously, what is your goal here? To frustrate the sh** out of people for eastern, so they throw away their phone and then start to look for another game?! Make it possible, think about how many times one should lose at max before you eventually let them finally succeed!! Players have to invest much more then they get as a reward once they win the last episode - a profile picture with a rabbit, a golden coin (which rewards you with a 3 star hero - seriously?!) and a trainer hero (at least a 4 star one) - but you have to invest SO MUCH MORE to get this “not-at-all-great” rewards.
Really, Small giant, take some lessons in Customer Satisfaction and eventually hire a psychologist to understand you jeopardize your (even paying) players by continuously frustrating them - you are to greedy and voracious by far!! Won’t hurt you to put some really thrilling rewards in here an d make it possible for everyone to gain success and participate in getting the great rewards!! Make it possible, keep your players happy, thrilled and delighted!! Doesn’t cost you a thing!

I don’t have a problem with the higher difficulty levels for some it is impossible for others who may have 4000 points it isn’t. However consider making the rewards comparable to strength. Ie if you win against a 3600 team with a 3600 team rewards should be the highest level currently available. Achieve beyond that and they get better. There is a problem with this approach though and that is the stronger keep getting stronger. It isn’t easy to catch up.

There is the reason, they made it difficult, so you can feel the progression. BTW, man. Just finished it with 3400 team from first try. Time stop is very helpful. Difficulty is the same as last advanced stage on events.

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Sorry, but I have to disagree. In fact, I found easier to complete this tournament than monthly events because of the battle items (thanks, 20 level forge!).

My attack team is anything but brilliant: one hitter (Grimm), one enhancer (Wu Kong) and three healers (Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk), all of them maxed out. Decent troops. Used Dragon, Bomb, Arrows… and what makes the difference: Time Stop. Three of them forced the bosses to be “frozen” almost the whole fight. Hole in one.

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Mid-game and end-game players want to have at least a little bit of a challenge from time to time. That’s why last stages of such events should be not too easy. But to be honest: it is not so hard at all actually.
They recommend a team of 4000 strength for last stage. Your team is <3500. Maybe you are not ready to complete it.
It is an optional event to have fun. Why are you complaining? You said it yourself, the reward is not so high. If you cannot complete it, so what?
If it would be the other way around (recommend 3500 and you have a 4000 team), then I could understand your irritation.

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